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I am a person who uses writing to express the emotions and thoughts she can't say out loud.

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I just want honest opinions anything that will help me be a better writer next time. I really don't care if it's bad or good.

Goodbye I Guess

September 18, 2018

PROMPT: Open Prompt

        I hold the phone in my death like grip wishing that the words on the screen would change. I hated this feeling in my stomach, the feeling of butterflies eating my insides on the way out until I'm nothing but a corpse lying on the floor of my classroom.
   "Hey did you get a text back?" a friend ask me.
       No words are able to leave my mouth I look at her my eyes wide in shock and pain. I can't speak or move I barley even realize her taking the phone out of my hand. She reads the messages my mind also going over it also. The memory stuck in my head for the rest of time.

Me: I can't do this "best friend" thing anymore. Friends don't treat me the way you do. Friends don't shut down and ignore each other for months on end then come back expecting to be forgiven. I can't take it anymore especially hearing you talk about me to other people. Yeah I heard about what you told people and if I'm so horrible to be friends with then tell me that. You tell me all the time you want to be my friend how if I ever stop talking to you, that you would be hurt. So, let us fix this and if you don't think we can't THEN TELL ME THAT! Stop pulling me around and be straight with me.
Me: Please just do that for me.
Him: I can't be friends with you...you make it too hard for me.
Him: So goodbye I guess.....

       I know she is done reading when her arms come around me in a tight hug. Then the tears come two years worth of friendship down the drain. I'm glad no one is around to see me cry over him again. I would hate to hear people say he was no good for me or that I'm better off. Because right now in this moment I don't feel better off. I feel like grabbing my phone and taking it all back, begging for his friendship. I want to go back to when we first met and we would sit for hours and hours laughing. 
"If you two are meant to be friends then it will happen," my friend whispers in my hair, "I don't believe the story between you guys is over and I know for a fact that you guys will find your way back."
   As the tears roll down my face staining everything in their way I play her words over and over again in my head. 
First "published" writing. Hope it isn't bad.


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