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18-year-old TCK obsessed with language in general, especially the written word, for my entire life. Working on my first fiction novel. Check out my blog at for more writing and even some art (my avatar is one of my paintings)!

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An edited excerpt from my novel.

The Cheshire Moon

January 12, 2016

PROMPT: Setting as Mood

I huddled deeper into the darkness of my suitcoat, watching my dark-haired reflection in the wavering mirror of a drain. The buildings around us shifted in the darkness, merely a venerable backdrop for a hazy scene. There was a loud scraping, and the metal cover rolled aside. We stood there for a spellbound moment, staring into the dark depths of the hole. The shadows in it seemed somehow different from the shadows around us, as different as bright sunlight is to the flickering brightness of a single bulb. They seemed more ominous and foreboding, stirring around like an evil, ethereal soup. The chill that rose from the hole smelled musty, dry, dank, and dead. Goosebumps spread all up and down my body, and I gave an involuntary shudder, nudging a stray strand of hair out of my eyes. 
"Well." Luke's voice, sure and confident, echoed each of our thoughts. "Here we go." 
Abruptly, Brooke swung herself into the hole, and we followed, one by one.
Right before I let myself down after her, I glanced up over my shoulder. A shred of cloud whipped by, exposing the crescent moon. It always reminded me of the Cheshire cat from the old cartoon Alice in Wonderland, disappearing bit by bit until all that was left was his toothy grin, hanging in midair. We're all mad here... I smiled involuntarily. How true that is. I mused, and followed after my friends without looking back.


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