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Kind of inspired by the book The Summer I Wasn't Me- Jessica Verdi.

on the topic of love

September 17, 2018

people seem to have
strong opinions on 
who it's ok to marry
when it doesn't
affect the quality
of their life
in the slightest

if you don't like
gay marriage
don't marry
a gay person
it really is
that simple

no one is outlawing 
just including

lgbtq+ people
don't hurt

in fact
that's the opposite
of what they do
all they ask for is 
to love 
and be loved

just like the rest of us
> i turn a lot of my rants into poems. if you disagree, i don't want to hear about it. leave only love in the comments and love will be returned to you.
>> once again, song recommendations:
lemon boy- cavetown
leave a light on- tom walker
jealous- labyrinth
birthday- maisie peters
sense- tom odell
kids again- artist vs poet


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