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Those awesome fat football players

January 11, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Those fat football players
The awesome fat football players like the guys on the line. When you try to get past them and they just step in front of you and you just run into them. And then instead of you plowing them right over you find yourself right on your but. Or you're watching a football game and they do a running play and then you come in for the tackle and then the big fat offensive line lineman just blow into them and they just smack the ground,and then they land on them.  or when the offensive line and then just jumps on the ball and then they bounce right of the ground and then fall back onto it. Or the defensive linemen on the texans he pretty small and then his belly is huge and then when he tries to get to the QB his belly just bounces up and down and you just can't stop laughing because it just looks so funny. Then when he actually gets to the QB his belly smacks right into him and then he starts falling before he can even get his arms and hands around him. So even if he doesn't a grip on him he still brings him down with his big belly.


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