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15 word stories- #9

By: Onion3102


Please show me what it actually means to be yours- I dare to do so.

Message to Readers

I'm hungry

Peer Review

I love how at the end you say "I dare you to do so." The line is only six words, and yet means so much. The way you started the story with "please" also got to me--it leaves so much up for interpretation.

How do you manage to write so many stories with only 15 words?!? *ahem* Sorry. What inspired you to start this 15-wrod series? Did you come up with the idea yourself? I really love how much you're able to tell in just one sentence.

Reviewer Comments

The beginning and end were very well done--kudos to you for succeeding in such a difficult part of a story to write. Good job, and keep writing!