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January 15, 2016

Ace had arrived in Ecuador the center of the world where the volcano was and it was going to erupt.
   “Why are we just sitting here my bowling ball will be here soon. Why don't we just start driving down there because then we can just plug it up” said Ace
“We can't your bowling ball will not transform into the big  bowling ball  if the volcano is not already erupting,” Mr.Smith told him
“Why” asked Ace
“It’s just the way the makers made it Ace, “ Mr.Smith said
“Who are the makers and why would they make it like that” Ace asked
“Like I just said  it's just the way they made it!” Mr.Smith said getting an  angry now
“Well okay but who are the makers” Asked Ace
“You are too young to learn about the makers when they want you to learn you will learn. But not now you are way to inexperienced” Mr.smith said
“Well I mean you could tell me they will never know” exclaimed Ace
“No I will not tell you and yes, they will know now let it go” Screamed Mr.Smith
Mr.Smith stormed out of the room and into the bathroom, Ace Sighed and started watching his channel bowling channel. He was watching his favorite bowler his name was Billy Makoro he was the best. When it happened he heard a series of bangs and booms. He ran to the window and he saw it there were  big fiery rocks  flying all over the city. Houses were blowing up, getting crushed, starting on fire all he heard was screaming and booms. People screaming, running around roads getting blocked by huge boulders on fire. Mr.Smith it's erupting, we have to go now I'm getting my bag, then we got to go. But when Mr.Smith didn't answer, he walked over to the bathroom, but when he got there the bathroom was gone. Just a big hole and pieces of rock that fell off the boulder were hanging from places where the bathroom used to be.
“What are you doing we got to go,” Mr.Smith said
Ace spun around Oh my Gosh you're alive, but as he said it a second fiery boulder smashed right into the hotel and out the other end taking Mr.Smith with it. The last thing Ace heard of Mr.Smith was his scream when he was hit by the flaming boulder. Ace quickly ran and jumped onto a light pole that was by the building and slid down since the stairs were gone. Thank Gosh our car didn't get smashed. He quickly got into the car, but then he remembered he's never even driven a car before he's only 14. But then a thought crossed his mind, I can do auto drive and just tell it where to go thank gosh for this magic stuff. He said get me to the nearest volcano ASAP and soon he was going through the city at about 172 miles an hour. When poof a chunk of rock hit right next to him and sent the car flying bang.
“Ow,” He said
He climbed out and noticed a new 18 helicopter landed and was helping people up he got up and ran over to the it
“Finally something I'm actually good at,” he said
He took off while the pilots were screaming from below and flew right to the volcano when he got there he landed at the base and got out. He ran over to a different spot so the helicopter didn't make him mess up and reached for his back. The bowling ball had appeared back in his bag. He pulled it out and concentrated he gathered up all his might he threw it up, but he only made it a third. It's too high he thought, but then he got and idea I'll roll it, then climb catch roll and then repeat. It's Brilliant he said, so he slowly but surely started to make his way up the Mountain. Rolling then climbing then catching it and then doing it all over after about 30 minutes he finally reached the top and he had used the very last of his energy to roll it over the tip of the volcano. The bowling ball wobbled back and forth and then fell out coming back to him.
“Are you serious,” Ace said


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