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Interstellar Movie Review

January 13, 2016

     Interstellar the original science fiction epic directed by Christopher Nolan was nothing short of incredible. It offered a thrilling and complex plot that kept the viewer gripping their seat wondering what could happen next. The movie featured a original and intriguing storyline, and brilliant acting by its stars; Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain. All the while improving the experience with beautiful looks and feels with award winning special effects and a soundtrack creating an intense feel during the most important scenes.  
    The plot for those unfamiliar consists of of a dying Earth plagued by famine. In an attempt to prevent humanity’s extinction a mission of four scientist and engineers led by Cooper (Matthew McConaughey)  travel through a wormhole to three distant planets to in an attempt to find a new Earth. On their journey they must track down other previous astronauts sent on a discovery mission through the wormhole and battle the dangers of the new planets, costly deception, time-slippage caused by a black hole, and communicating through time and space to. In the end Cooper and his team are faced with the discicion of seeing their families again or saving humanity.
    The film's plot was one of its most compelling aspects. It was complex and enchanting enough to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat, yet real and emotional enough to keep it grounded. For a science fiction movie, which often shrug off accuracy for the sake of plot, Interstellar’s depictions of wormholes, gravity, and relativity were guided by Kip Thorne a theoretical physicist and leading expert on Einstein's theory of relativity, a key factor in the movie. This is aided by one of the best aspects of engrossing scenery of ice covered planets, mountain sized waves, the mind blowing scale of space,  as well as small details such as complete silence in certain scenes, and stimulating camera work.  
    The plot was further strengthened by the movies acting. Matthew McConaughey gave an undeniable moving performance, being conflicted between his family and his mission. The film also featured amazing work by Jessica Chastain playing Cooper’s daughter, Murph, and her unrelenting attempt to save Earth. As well as Matt Damon playing Dr Mann, one of the original explorers sent through the wormhole, and his deception of Cooper in a plot to escape the planet he was sent to. Viewers are also entertained by the funny and brilliantly impressive robots T.A.R.S. and C.A.S.E. accompanying the group on their journey.
    However, Interstellar’s amazing plot also becomes its main issue. Unfortunately with its complex plot that involves aspects such as going through wormholes, traveling through a 5th dimension and relativity theories it can be hard to follow in some places without seeing the movie at least one time before. In addition to that, because certain parts in the movie seem to happen inexplicably if not magically but are then later explained in the end, you simply have to accept that these things are happening. This can be off putting to people, especially if they haven't seen it before and don't know how it will be explained. Other problems include Cooper being miraculously found with minutes of oxygen left to be conveniently found by a ship in the middle of space, which was used for the sake of the plot having a happy ending  
    Considering all this, I would highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a thrilling and engaging movie. Despite having its share of issues, Interstellar’s captivating plot, engaging acing, and utterly stunning ingenuity easily outweigh its problems. This movie is particularly recommended to fans of science fiction specifically those who have an investment in time travel or theoretical physics as this is one of the most, and yes, pun intended.                                                  


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