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Tiny Details

September 19, 2018


I am depressed.
About what you say? School, family, friends, pollution, you name it.
Again, tiny, small insignificant detail.
Almost everyone is sad from time to time, right?

I laugh uncontrollably when I am stressed
Then laughter turns to sobbing.
And then I laugh at how much I'm crying.
Small, kind of weird detail.

When I talk I often stutter.
And I am terrified that someone will make fun of my stuttering
so I don't talk as much as I used to.
This is obviously an unimportant detail because if it mattered wouldn't someone notice?

When I am excited I am bursting with joy
I don't usually get excited unless it's something that is so close to being unreal that you have no choice but to be amazed.
Like space tourism! Or space travel in general. Its so astonishing I can't wrap my mind around it.
Within my lifetime people have been launched into space for recreational purposes! This seems almost like science fiction.
But if I tell my parents or my sisters they would just ignore me or dismiss my excitement as me trying to be annoying.
(I wrote this while smiling, which I rarely do)

I talk to the stars, galaxies, moons, and planets I can see from my window and talk about how excited I am about astronomy since no one else seems to care. 
Sometimes my mom humors me and fakes an interest in what I like. She asks questions and actually listens to me. This is why she is my favorite. 
She makes me feel like I am not just a tiny detail in my own life.


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