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Footloose Film Review: "The Film That Changed A Generation"

January 18, 2016

    The film that has made an impact on this generation, originally made its impact on the generation who grew up during the 1880’s. Footloose is an engaging film which is about a teen, Ren, who moves to a small town, with his mom after his father dies in chicago. This son, who is played by the brilliant actor Kevin Bacon, saves this small town from the handcuffs of the community elders. These elders are led by the preacher Reverend Shawn Moore, whose testfull daughter, Ariel, ends up falling in love with Ren.
    Since the first day Ren had arrived in the small town, which has not been named, he has been looked down upon as a nuisance to the community. Ren has always been a child who has been in some troubling places and his way of living life has to be completely changed when he gets told that there are no dances or music which “makes young folks get frisky.” Ren tests his luck on one of his first days in town. This makes the movie very entertaining which means that the film can and will hold your attention even if you are the most ADD person you know. When he gets in some trouble with the police, it adds a feeling of suspense in the room.    
Ren cannot escape his joy of listening to music even though the community band's music which you can dance to. Since the very beginning of the movie the audience can tell that Ren will save the day by doing the one thing that no other teen will do, step up to the community. To fight back against the town Ren organizes a dance for his high school. For this dance Ren has invited the girl of his dreams Ariel who he has won over from her older abusive boyfriend. This romantic part of this movie is perfect for the people out there who love romantic movies. For Ren’s Gatsby dreams to come true he has to win over the support of his fellow teenagers at his high school which seems like an impossible fight at the beginning at the movie, but we can see that Ren can win people over as well as he can dance. This shows the true characters of a classy man, one who treats people with respect and who has the heart of a lion.
    For the dance to happen Ren also needs the blessing of his community council which is composed of some of the most dominant and old fashion men and women in the small town. The most influential person on this board is Reverend Shawn Moore who has thought poorly of Ren. This is the only part of the movie which will make the audience have the feeling of suspense which is awesome. For Ren to convince the board that there should be a dance he has to use his wits, but he also has a little help from Ariel.
    The reason why this small town hates the idea of dances, music and having fun, is because of a few teens who got alittle crazy one night on the street and ended up dead after a night of drinking and doing drugs. For you to find out the story of this small town and the heart lifting story of its transformation you will have to watch the 1984 version of the film Footloose.     
    This film will make a lasting impression on anyone, because you can see an entire town who hates a boy and then ends up loving him because of his will. During parts of this film you will feel your spine shiver from the tone in the authors voices and the stunning images which the cinematography gives. Some examples of the stunning images are the final dance and the fight in the saloon.
    The original film varies greatly from the newer version, which is based on the same story. The new version adds more detail which can make parts of the movie a lot clearer but it also takes away some of the main qualities of the original which makes it a “film that changed a generation” (movie box).
    Everyone should watch the original film of Footloose because it adds a bit of pizzazz and class to the script which can teach anyone how to become a better person. I would bring some classic movie snacks when you see this cinema because the original script will make you want to live back in the day when this film was filmed.


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