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National Treasure Review

January 18, 2016

           Treasure is hidden all around the world, it is sitting there waiting for someone to find and decide what to do with it. National Treasure is a movie about finding a treasure that was lost to time. The director of the movie is Jon Tureltaub. The genres of the movie, National Treasure are action, adventure, and mystery. The movie takes place in Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. In the movie the main character Ben, Nicolas Cage, spent most of his life continuing on a family tradition, which is laughed at by the historic community. During the movie he is looking for a huge treasure that is said doesn’t exist. The only information he goes off of is from one little clue. Ben Gates, his friend Riley, played by Justin Bartha, and Abigail Chase played, by Diane Kruger, who is a worker for the national archives in Washington D.C., follow clue to clue to try to figure out where the said to be massive treasure is hidden, before the antagonist of the movie finds it. Ben warns the National Archive that the Declaration of Independence is going to be stolen, but they don’t listen to him. Which makes him take matters into his own hands.
The script in the movie is full of information, which leaves the audience wondering whether or not the information being said is true or false. The script was okay. The actors convinced the audience that what they were saying was true. The acting was a little dry and non-realistic. In some of the scenes the actors went through extremely traumatic events, and played them off as minor moments, even though someone in real life would be freaking out at what happened. There is no possible way that they could have simply moved on in the calm way that they did.
The movie was engaging, there was never a boring scene. There was a lot of action and information, which kept the attention of the audience. The action scenes were realistic. There weren’t unnecessary action scenes, just so they could blow something up. There was also not too much going on in the movie. There was nothing to distract the watcher from the main point of the movie. The movie didn’t go off on a random tangent. It was a perfect balance of action and searching for the treasure. The movie had the opposite forces running into each other at each clue. The movie was a bit predictable, but enjoyable. All of the music in the background of the movie fit the scenes nicely, and they weren’t distracting. The movie was long, the producers could have focused on certain aspects for longer, rather than spend five minutes on one idea, and then move to the next idea. For example, the movie had a lot of different clues, and the movie revolved around the clues for a long time, rather than anything else. I would recommend this movie to a family for a movie night. It is a good movie to watch for all ages and is fun to watch with a group of people.  


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