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i wouldn't call myself a writer
im just a kid who writes

Living in my head till the real world catches up

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busy building a life raft of words

How long till we sink to the bottom of the sea? How long? How long? How long will we sink and it’s only you and me? How long? - how long, vampire weekend


September 21, 2018

i have
smoked or rolled a
cigarette but
i think it would be like
changing the ink catirige of my
fountain pen
the same 
movements as you
open a packet
pull it out and
slotit in
the same impatience 
the same 
as ink flows freely


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1 Comment
  • The Great Gabs-by

    I love this analogy. The same impatience and relief. This is really good. Well done!!

    12 months ago