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the adventures of a Little Mind in a Darkening Place: part the fourteenth

August 16, 2020

buzz buzz
the radio again
clamoring on the television
the mouthwatering aroma of stir fry 
a promised reward from a doting mother

but outside
the air is orange 
(open the window!)
the air feels orange
smells orange
tastes orange
(slam the window shut!)

under white fingers and the cool glass pane
the sky ripens like a blackcurrant
from a warm, sun-glazed honey tone
to a soft, pale violet
and then
a vivid lavender that presses at the back of the eyes

a breath in
a breath out

and the mauve tinge has drained into a suffocating periwinkle
quiet yet ominous
not the slightest whisper of wind 
yet another blink and now the clouds have died
dissolved, dissimilated, scattered
a navy blue that eats away at the building tops
a blanket hung lazily on the streetlights

all through it

not a rustle

not a murmur

and as the world sleeps under those white, white fingers and through the cold, cold glass

the first drop of rain falls


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  • omicron7889

    Man, typhoon Mangkhut really did a number on us didn't it

    about 1 year ago