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Big Fish in A Small Pond

January 15, 2015

I hear the flutter of wings, scraping against the air. They search for altitude. They push and glide through the wind. Suddenly, oh so suddenly, there is a screech. It pierces through the wind, "You will fail! You will fail!" My ears bleed  and I feel the cool water wave around me. It is not what I wish to hear. I look up and see a raven. It's beady eyes look through me, and it laughs. The laugh of mockery. I see it in it's face. The raven twists it's beak and meekly smirks at me. What else should I do? I cannot better myself to meet it's expectations. How else shall I persevere? I am big for my pond with its refreshing water dripping around me. Yet, I am not big enough. What good is a big fish when it can still be picked on by a mere raven. There is a whale beside me. I reach out and I can feel it's leathery skin of pride and satisfaction. Oh how I wish I was as big as that whale!  The raven acknowledges this whale with a respect only expected between old friends. Why am I still the stranger? The little fish within the pond befriend me and squirt, "Overachiever! Overachiever!" What am I to that whale? The compliments I recieve are from those that do not know what I feel. The abashment of being big, is nowhere near to the abashment I feel of not being big enough. Oh, that whale! A whale in a small pond makes the difference for me. The raven has gone now. There is peace within the pond. The water stirs quietly around me tickling my scales. For how long shall this last?


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