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Journey of Self-discovery to Get the Crown and Save the Town and Mr. Krabs

By: ldurham

                                     Journey of Self-discovery to Get the Crown and Save the Town and Mr. Krabs
    To clarify, this is the original spongebob movie, and not the new one. That said, it is nearly impossible to watch either movie through an unbiased lense. Most will go into this movie assuming it will be childish, and this is true in some ways. It is directed at children and as a result, children can understand and enjoy it. However, it is not enjoyable exclusively to children, having an engaging story and plenty of jokes that even adults can enjoy.
    The story of the Spongebob Movie is more than just a vessel for the jokes. The story revolves around Spongebob and Patrick searching for King Neptune’s crown to clear Mr. Krabs’ name. For Spongebob, the search is about a little more. He is trying to prove that he isn’t just a kid, and that he is a man. Throughout the movie, he is told that he can’t do things just because he is a kid (even though he apparently has 30 years of employee of the month awards). Spongebob’s journey is that of self-actualization, he tries to prove he is a man, starts to think of himself as a kid, thinks he magically turned into a man, than realized that being a kid doesn’t mean that he can’t do things.
    While Spongebob preserves his status of being a kid, he also preserves the culture of his town, Bikini Bottom, which the antagonist, Plankton, tries to destroy. This movie illustrates the power of one person in relation to culture. In the movie, Plankton single-handedly nearly destroys a culture, and Spongebob saves it. This movie is about empowerment, presented by the fact that Spongebob is just one kid, but he manages to save the town.
    However, the movie is hardly a deep film. Primarily, it is a comedy, which it does very well, but this is not the movie to watch for pure story. It’s story is decent, but many other movies do that better. This movie shines by the fact that it is a great comedy that everyone can enjoy that has a watchable story. It also has some pretty good musical number. This movie is a movie that can make you laugh for a long time after watching it through talking about it and even just remembering some of the jokes. There are only two reasons why one should not watch this movie. If one is not familiar with Spongebob the characters, it might be confusing. You only need to be a little bit familiar with the show to enjoy the movie though.. The second reason is the worry of what other people may think of you watching such a childish movie. Solve this problem by not telling anybody. People can’t judge you for something they don’t know about.

Peer Review

The title was eye-catching and engaging, however the first sentence is slightly off-putting.

When you said the movie was mostly for "comedic value" and not one for plot.

I'd like a little more explanation on why Spongebob want's to be a man. Also, what is his motivation for going on the quest. Most importantly, where's patrick in your description?

Keep the humor, you'll need it :)

Reviewer Comments

Since the movie is such a comedy, I think it is important that your movie review be slightly more serious. I don't want it to come off as a joke (even if it was meant to). I think it is possible to write a film review of the spongebob movie that has wit but is still serious. I believe if you can accomplish that, it will show much stronger writing skills.