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.im audrey.
.i stand by the cold is better than the hear :D.
.chat if ur bored... idk... im bored!!!!.

Message to Readers

CWC's first comp! Idk if I did good at all, but it would be nice if someone gave me some feedback!

What We Are Now | #cwcfirstcontest

September 14, 2018


    In second grade we learned what humans were.  
    "Mommy," my robotic voice called.
    "Yes, honey," she answered out of pure boredom.
    If I had a facial expression, it would be hurt.  I can't believe that they could express themselves.  Like... MIND BLOWN!
    "I learned what a human was today!" I said with an accomplished tone.
    "Oh...  Oh, dear goodness..."
    "What?" I asked.
    "Humans...  They're bad...  Very bad," my mother said.
    "They are the reason we look like this...  They destroyed their own race."
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