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First Draft Interview Film Review

January 19, 2016

Neverending Will
    Oscar nominated Unbroken starring Jack O'Connell and directected by Angliena Jolie, is an uplifting story based on an award winning book by Laura Hillenbrand.  The movie is based on the experiences of a WWII pilot and olympic athlete that goes through hell and back to survive  47 days on a raft in the middle of the Pacific and Japanese war camp.  With the completion of flashbacks and real time action, the movie portrays the struggle of Louis Zamperini while highlighting  his outstanding will to survive.  Louis is a son of Italian immigrants, who as a child was always getting in trouble.  However with the loving support of his brother, he is able to focus his energy to become a world class athlete.  In 1936, he went to the olympics to represent the USA and got eighth in the 5000-meter run.  When World War II  broke, Louis decided to enlist for the Air Force.  During a simple recon mission over the Pacific, Louis and his crew got shot down by japanese fighters and survive for 40+ days on a raft with two other men and a very limited supply of food before washing up in japan to be sent to a Prisoner of war camp.  Once at the camp Zamperini catches the eye of a supervisor who makes hell even worse.
    Jolie outdoes herself with an extraordinary sets which makes the viewer feel as if he or she is with louis throughout the entire movie making the story so real that is can relate to all.  Basing a movie off a book is often times very risky, because in many cases books turned into movies lack important details can often loose and the storyline.   This is situation it is quite the opposite due to Jack O'Connell's  outstanding performance and the abundance of artistic cinematography.  This is especially noticeable in high emotion scenes such as when he and his crew makes are being tortured upon their arrival to Japan or when prevails through the struggles at the war camp.
    This is a great movie and one that I would recommend to most anyone but especially to anyone who was alive during World War II. The only audience that this would not be a good fit for is one that does not enjoy anything very intense but other that that it is a great movie for all.


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