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I love the ones with nicotine laced on their fingers. I love the ones that can't take anything seriously, even a car crash. I love the ones that stand by my side no matter what happens. But, most of all, I love myself. The one who stayed alive.

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The Ones Who Matter Most

September 14, 2018


    She will conquer the world with a cigarette in her hand. Trust me, she could do anything that she wanted. If I told her that I'm sure she wouldn't believe me, but I know that I'm right. She is the most unexpected friend that I have, but I love her more than anyone. 

    The other girl is very unsure of herself, but I've never seen someone so beautiful inside and out. Her tears are shared with mine and our victories go hand in hand. She's the best friend of everyone she talks to, never being casually involved with anyone. With her I know that she'll be there forever, no matter what. 

    He is probably the biggest dork I've ever met. From his outward appearance you would expect anything but, but I've seen that side of him and know he's not ashamed of it. He likes nerdy shows and plays clarinet in a band. He also holds the school record for dead lifting. He's friends with the jocks and the nerds, not letting any labels stick to him. 

    These people have absolutely nothing in common. They hardly know anything about each other. However, they are all loved unconditionally by me. I've never met a finer group of people, and I know I never will. There may be a day where they actually get to know each other, but that doesn't matter to me. They all are my best friends, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. 

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  • SomeFormOfWriting

    Aw... this is sweet. I'll properly review it ASAP.

    about 3 years ago