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The Elements: An Unexpected Four

September 14, 2018


Our story begins like some peoples’ end. My sister and I finally met after years of being unaware of each other’s existence. I had grown up with my adopted father, while my sister Chelsea, had grown up with her adopted mother. Of course, like every cheesy love story, they ended up getting married, not that I’m complaining because now we all live under the same roof. We live in Alabaster, Alabama. I first met Chelsea on October 17, 2016. We had been communicating online for four months before then. The first thing I said when I saw her was, “Is this real? Woah, do you have green eyes too?” She had straight, dark brown hair with blonde highlights cut into a long bob, green eyes that sparkled like gems, and long legs. Meanwhile I had dirty blonde, long, naturally curly hair, pale green eyes, and was very short compared to her. We became best friends, which was ironic because she was a preppy, popular girl, while I was the shy one nobody noticed. We were so lucky to have each other, but what we didn’t know was that we had more than each other.
(Briiing!!) The bell rung as soon as I stepped in the door, but I wasn’t in my seat so I was still counted tardy for history. Chelsea and I didn’t have any classes together so I sat with my best friend, Jessie. We were the high schoolers that no one noticed unless they wanted to pick on someone. We weren't nerds, preps or any other group, we were just students. We sat in the back of every classroom hoping not to be social, because we were introverts.    
I sat down and began working on my bellringer. “Hey loser, what are ya gunna do this morning?” a gruff voice began, “squawk like a chicken?” It was one of the Carlton brothers, Jason who was the classic jock that picked on everyone. He had red-brown hair that was longer than most guys with bangs that swooped down in his face. If you’re wondering what he was referring to, yesterday I fell out of my chair during a test and sounded like a parrot, making a fool out of myself.  I laid my head down for the rest of that class.
Zack came up to my locker as I was getting my binder after first period. He was the coolest guy in school so it was odd for him to talk to me. But then he said, “Hey, Rossietta, I forgot to do my homework last night because my girlfriend br…” He paused holding back tears, “Anyway you’re smart right? Can I copy yours, please?” 
I thought about it, but decided that by now he should be mature enough to remember to do his homework, especially since he was a grade above me. So I slammed my locker in his face and said, “I don’t think so Tim.” and walked off to class. 
From then until lunch was normal. During lunch, I sat with my sister at the prep table. I looked out of place every time but my sister told me not to worry about it. I dropped my metal fork on the ground and it made a huge ‘clank’. That’s when Mathew, the other Carlton brother, came along and said to Chelsea, “Hey Chelsea, are you just gunna let your sister sit with you every day? She shouldn’t sit with the preps, and you know it.” 
Everyone knew it, but Chelsea stood up, stared into his eyes, and said, “Maybe you shouldn't sit with the jocks. Maybe you should sit with the nerds since you hang out with them, geek. The next time you try to say something about someone else you should look at your own life. And if you continue to bombard my sister with snarky remarks you will be sorry you ever did.” I had never heard my sister say something like that to someone, NEVER. Matthew simply rolled his eyes, combed through his short, dirty blonde hair with his fingers, and walked off. All of the jocks had heard what had happened, so they were snickering.
After lunch I had drama, the easiest elective. We were doing random little skits in pairs and laughing at each other. Matthew was in that class and he avoided me until we were paired together. He didn’t even apologize, but had a dour attitude.The rest of my day was normal until I got home.
When my sister and I got home our parents were on the floor, asleep with a box sitting beside them and some documents on the floor. Chelsea picked one up, as did I. Chelsea’s said “Matthew Anderson born 12:57 pm September 1st, 2001.” “Why are these here?” Chelsea said, stealing the words out of my mouth. Mine read “Chelsea Anderson born June 28th, 2002.” 
Dad woke up, jerking mom awake. When they came into realization that we were standing there they perked up. “ When did y'all get home?” Mom said. 
“Which ones have you read?” Dad added.
“We just walked in the door, and Matthew Anderson and my birth certificate,” Chelsea replied. “Why are these in here? Is this Matthew Carlton at our school?”
“Chels, look at this tag” I said holding up the small tag on the box. The top document was a death certificate that said “Marietta Anderson… died September 5, 2018” underneath that was an envelope  that said “Children” on the front of it.
“It came in the mail earlier today. You can probably guess what is going on but read the letter and you will find out for sure. It’s up to you rather or not you read it, but I would if I were you.” Mom cut into the silence. Hesitantly I picked up the letter and began opening it. I stopped and looked at Chelsea, “Together?”
“Together” she answered, so we opened it. We sat down on the couch together. Tears began streaming as I read. “My four children, If you are reading this it means that I have passed on, and that my sister, your aunt, has sent this package to you. Your birth names in birth order are Matthew, Jason, Chelsea, and Rosetta Anderson. You were seperated, not by my wishes, so I hope this brings you together. I had to give you up because some of you might not have lived. I’ve made some bad choices in my life, which is why I was forced to give you up in hopes of a better life for you. Matthew, you had hardly any hair, and hazel eyes that changed every few minutes. Jason, your cry was like a wolf howling in the night, you had a little bit of hair, and hazel eyes that looked like a foggy forest. Chelsea, you had the most hair, the sweetest laugh, and the brightest green eyes I have ever seen. And Rosetta, you were the youngest and the smallest, but that didn't stop you from crawling on everything in sight. You had pale green eyes that looked like my favorite fruit, pears. You were all part of my heart, and so it broke  it when I sent you to better lives.
No matter if I’m gone or alive or near or far,
I’ll be part of you no matter where you are.
Think of me when you look in the mirror,
And every time I will become clearer.
I love you my children, and I wish I was with you
Always remember I was the first one to kiss you.”
I was bawling in my sisters lap and she was sobbing on my head. Everything after that was a blur and the next thing I know I’m in bed. I was so tired I had to go to sleep. Luckily, it was Friday so I didn’t have to worry about Matthew and Jason.
 I woke up the next morning and realized I had slept in my sisters room on her couch. I looked over at her on the bed and she was looking right back at me. I finally remembered everything that had happened the night before, hoping it was all a dream. The door cracked open, interrupting my thoughts, “Morning,” my mom sounded tired, “I made breakfast. Scrapple, pancakes, and bacon if you want them.” When we didn’t sit up she closed the door.
Chelsea sat up and said “It wasn’t a dream, was it?” I just shook my head. Matthew and Jason, the brother jocks who made fun of everyone, our brothers. Mom… dead. It was still incomprehensible. 
After a while we went downstairs and ate breakfast in silence, then sat down on the couch. My mind was racing at that point. Chelsea didn’t speak to Mom or Dad and neither did I. It was like that all day, until dinner. We had to figure out if we were going to tell Matthew and Jason. “So,” Dad began, “are you going to tell your brothers on Monday?” 
I looked up and spoke for the first time all day, “I don’t know. What if they don’t believe us? What if they…” 
“Rosie, it’ll be okay. You can take the birth certificates with you.” Mom said, “Just tell them, they have a right to know.” She had a point. They did have a right to know, but how were they going to know?
On Monday Matthew and Jason were acting strange. We didn't know why. We pulled them aside during lunch and began to explain but they cut us off, “We know.” I was extremely confused “we got the same package. Look I’m sorry for everything I said to you before, I…” Matthew began.
“It’s okay I forgive you and I’m sure Chelsea does too.” I interrupted. 
Chelsea added “Yes, it's all in the past but we can start our future.” 
Jason looked up, hopeful, “together?” He asked putting his fist out.
“Together,” I said, putting my fist on top of his.
“Together,” Chelsea said copying the motion.
“Together,” Matthew said completing the circle. And as soon as he did a bright flash illuminated the concessions stand, knocking all of us down . I blacked out and when I woke up there was a ringing in my ears and I could hear a faint yelling. It was Mrs. Carille.  She was calling  911,while telling me how much trouble we were in. I then blacked out again.
I woke up in the hospital with my parents beside me and Chelsea on the other side of them. I didn’t know if she was injured so I began calling her name to see if she would wake up while my parents tried to calm me down, but by that point she was awake and I knew she was okay. I was so tired I could have fallen asleep but I managed to ask, “What happened?” 
Mom looked at Dad, “You tried to use the popcorn machine but the electrical stuff malfunctioned and it blew up.” I tried to say we never touched it but by then I was asleep. I was getting pretty annoyed with falling in and out of consciousness by then. The next time I woke up a nurse was taking my blood pressure.
I asked her if I was okay and she replied “You’ll be fine. We’re just waiting to get your blood results back and as long as they’re good, which I’m sure they will be, you can go home.” I wondered where Matthew and Jason were. I looked over at Chelsea and she was sitting up so I decided to try. The back of my head was aching so bad, but I managed to sit up. She looked at me and saw that I was fine so she continued talking to her nurse. The hospital was so loud that my head was throbbing so I laid back down. 
After a long time, our blood results came back and Chelsea’s were “odd” according to the doctor. “We found no sign of diseases, however, your white blood cell count is over 30,000. Usually there is an infection with this many, or you would be dead.” My parents and I looked at my sister in horror. Then he said “And you Mrs. Rosetta, yours is above 35,000.” 
My heart sank and I asked, “How is this possible?”
He responded, “We don’t know. It is a medical anomaly, as well as your friend’s. Theirs are the same way. Nobody else in the building was hurt, thankfully. But what is odd is that no one else heard or saw the explosion. They didn’t even know you were gone until a teacher passed by and saw all four of you lying on the floor.” But since you all seem fine and that’s the only abnormality, I guess you can all go home now. Just let me go get your forms then you are free to leave.” He began to walk off but then leaned into Dad’s ear and whispered something. Dad nodded and the doctor looked at us then walked off. I still to this day don’t know what he said.
After we were discharged from the hospital we met up with the Carltons for dinner. Their father insisted on going to Granny’s Restaurant, but we went to our and the brothers favorite place, Cranberry Tavern. When we were seated Mr. Carlton said “Well I’m glad you’re all safe and sound. Now I can smack you all into next week. What were y'all thinking messing with that popcorn machine?” We all stared at each other in confusion, not knowing what to say. “Well one of you better start talking.”
“None of us touched that machine. We were just talking when all of a sudden there was a flash of light and then a big bang,” Matthew said finally. We all nodded and agreed with him.
“Well then what do you expect us to believe happened?” Mom said, “That the popcorn machine magically plugged itself in?” We didn’t know what to say, so during dinner all of  the kids were silent. I began to think maybe it was magic. 
When we got home We instantly went to bed but Chelsea and I went into her room. “What do you think happened?” I asked Chelsea.
She replied “ I believe it was something that is going to change our whole lives.”
The next morning I woke up covered in dirt, Chelsea woke up soaked, and Mom and Dad were furious. “What are you doing? Do you think this is funny?” Mom yelled. “We don’t have time for this! Get up and get ready for school.” Chelsea and I ran. Mom was never this mad. We didn’t know what was happening. I looked in the mirror and my hair was totally brown! I heard a scream coming from Chelsea’s room. Her hair was blue! We covered our hair with beanies. Luckily, it was winter. 
When we got to school we searched for Matthew and Jason. They too were wearing beanies. “Y’all have different hair and wake up weirdly too, huh?” I asked.
“Yeah, mine’s red but Matt’s…” Jason began to chuckle, “Matt’s is “clear.”
“Oh, shut up Jason,” Matthew was getting annoyed, “I woke up…” he got closer and quieter, “floating.”
“Did not, liar” Jason said.
“Did too! And you’re the liar liar pants on fire… literally.” Matthew began laughing.
“Wait I see what’s going on here,” I said, “You’re water, Chelsea, the blue hair and waking up soaked. Jason, you’re fire, the red hair and being on fire. I’m earth, the brown hair and waking up in dirt. Which makes Matthew wind. Don’t you guys get it? Earth, wind, fire, water.”
“What if our mom’s death had something to do with it? What if the reason she had to give us up was because she did something bad with her pow… wait, do we have powers?” Chelsea said. 
“What if we can’t control them and we do something bad with our powers?” Matthew said.
“What if we hurt someone, or kill them?” Jason added.
“Woah, slow down. We don’t even know if we have pow…” before I could finish my sentence I felt a few raindrops on my head. It was a clear day, so I looked at Chelsea, and she was in tears. “Chelsea, come down you’re… Its a thunderstorm. Okay everyone we have to control our emotions or something might happen. Don’t get near anyone who makes you mad.”
“Does that mean I can skip chemistry?” Jason said. We all looked at him with the are you serious look, but then shrugged and nodded. I was still a little bewildered. I had powers. I, simple Rosetta Parkinson had powers. No I Rosetta Anderson had powers. 
    In computer it occurred to me that if I was an Anderson maybe there were some unsolved mysteries with the Anderson family if they all had powers, so I looked up “Unsolved cases involving the Anderson family” and hundreds of cases popped up. I don’t know if they were my family, but something inside me told me they were.
All four of us had powers, not knowing why, or exactly where they came from, but we were determined to keep them hidden. But of course this wouldn’t last long. We didn’t know how to control them so it surely wouldn’t last long.
When we got home we were a little uncomfortable but our parents didn’t seem to notice and they still scorned us about the popcorn machine, and Mom pulled our beanies off and became beyond furious. She sent us to our rooms, where both of us found a thin book title “The hand guide to your magic”. Mine was subtitled “earth” and Chelsea’s was subtitled “water.” I was suspicious at first because I didn’t know how it got there, but eventually I opened it. It had 4 chapters, “What can you do?” “Are you good or evil?” “How to control your powers” and “When and Why use them.” 
According to the book I could shake the earth, move rocks, and grow plants/trees. “When all four powers (earth, wind, fire, and water) are put together. it is the most powerful force known to magic.” I closed the book and looked up at the ceiling. We were the strongest force known to magic. I didn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. I opened it back up with curiosity. The third chapter was the most helpful. It said, “to control your powers you must take control of yourself.” I looked out my window and concentrated like it said. However, it also said that “it should come like a tingling natural flow”. I looked at a small rock and tried to lift it with my mind and it slowly raised. I guess it was like Peter walking on water. When you get prideful and unfocused you fall, because I got happy and it dropped back down to the ground. I was tired after all that had happened that day so I decided to go to sleep so I would be ready for the next day. 
Once We got to school we met up with the the Carltons and asked “You get a book?”
Matthew replied “Yep, and learned how to use my powers. Though I did stay up until 2:00 am.”
Jason added, “I stayed up until 1:00 am.”
“ I just read it. I didn’t try to use them, so I only stayed up til’ 11:30” Chelsea said.
“I don’t know when I went to sleep, but I just moved a rock or two.” I said, “I wish we could tell someone, or at least fight something.” Be careful what you wish for. “Did you see the part that said we had the most powerful force known to magic when we combine our powers?”
They all nodded “Hard to miss something like that.” Matthew said, “By the way, who’s been leaving those things, like the books.”
“I don’t know, but it’s kind of creepy.” Chelsea responded, “Oh, and  I figured out that the reason it looked like it was the popcorn machine. It said that if magic is exposed that the universe covers it up so that no one can understand what it really was. Only people with powers know about magic. It’s kind of sad.” 
In that moment a piercing sound rang throughout the campus. A gun. You hear about shootouts in other schools, but you never think it could be yours. As soon as we heard it we all froze. We had powers, we were supposed to be the people who swooped in and saved the day, but we just froze. Chelsea was the first to speak “The other kids… WE HAVE TO SAVE THEM!” We all came to our senses and agreed. Luckily, we all had beanies and hoodies so we put them on covering most of our faces. I threw off my bookbag and started a dead sprint. The ground started to tremble under my feet, and I had to control myself.
Since magic was covered up by the universe we didn’t have to worry about exposure. We raced into Thompson High prepared for a fight. I heard a gunshot to the right so I skidded across the floor, almost falling down and turned. The kids were hunkered down in every classroom hiding, in fear of their lives. I realized that if we didn’t have powers that we would be those kids, scared. I slowed down coming to a classroom with the door wide open, broken glass on the floor. 
Matthew went in first and swept the gunman off of his feet, literally. Jason set his clothes on fire, as another gunmen came in. Chelsea made a wall of ice around him. I conjured a massive vine, which grew, which sprouted from the floor, and curled around the first gunman. Jason melted a hole in the ice surrounding the second gunman. Matthew knocked the gun out of his hand and I wrapped him in vines too. We were all making sure we didn’t kill them, just held them off long enough for the cops to get there.
We gathered the kids out of the classroom and put them in another one. They were all shaking and saying repeatedly “thank you”. It felt good to play the hero for once. I was always the least in social status, but now  felt like I was on top of the world.We stayed until the cops came, but dashed into the shadows when they got there. When we were out of the school we were high-fiving and cheering. Once we settled down I said, “What do you think the universe will do to cover up what we just did?”
Chelsea answered, “I don’t know, but I’m sure it’ll be in the news.”
“What are we gunna tell our parents?” Matthew said. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the news says happened.”
“I guess,” I said.
When we got home the news was on and I heard it say “Shooting at Thompson High next on news 7.” I then heard the sound of my my mom spitting out her drink. We walked into the kitchen and Mom and Dad just stared at us like we were ghosts.
“KIDS, what happened at school? Are you Okay?” Mom yelled.
“Are you hurt? Why didn’t you call us? Why haven’t we heard anything from your teachers?” my Dad added. Both of them ran toward us and looked us over to make sure we weren’t hurt. We just stood there waiting to hear the news, but the commercials were everlasting. 
Eventually I said, “It was crazy, we were upstairs, and the gunmen were downstairs so we were safe. The teachers had it under control.”
“Weren’t you scared? If I ever find the men who did this I…” Dad started.
“It’s okay dad they arrested them.” Chelsea cut him off before he said something he’d regret.
The news came on and I quickly said, “Here, watch the news, It’ll tell you exactly what happened.”
The news said, “Today a tragic event struck Thompson High right here in our community. Four heroes arose out of the terror attack. Two gunmen came racing into the building firing six shots. They went into the first classroom on the right and began to shoot. Luckily no one was hurt because four unknown heroes came into the highschool, yes, you heard me, into the building and saved the students and teacher. They held off the gunmen until the police came and then disappeared. No one knew who they were or where they went, but today they were the guardian angels of Thompson High. Back to you Marcia.” 
“Did you know about these four “heroes?’” Dad asked.
“I heard that  a few people came in and rescued the students in Mrs. Carry’s class, but I didn’t know who they were.” Chelsea said.
“Ditto,” I said. “We’re fine really. I’m going to go to my room until dinner. I have some homework to do. Also there is no school tomorrow.” Chelsea followed me and we went into her room. We were so excited. We couldn’t believe that we just saved our high school. I’ve always wanted to be somebody’s hero and now I could be a lot of peoples’ hero.
The next day a lady showed up at our door and said she needed to talk to Chelsea and me. Our parents asked her some questions, but eventually let her in. I heard her voice, which was smooth and quiet. She came in and we sat down on the couch. You won’t believe who she was! “I just needed to come by and see how you were handling your first little adventure. I’m the one who sent you the handbooks and package.” she said, as Chelsea and I looked at her with disbelief. 
“You mean…” I started.
“You’re our aunt?” Chelsea finished for me.
“Shhhh! Your parents can’t know. They think that I am a parent from the school. I was also the one who made sure you got adopted to good homes, but no one would take two girls. I knew that somehow you would find each other. Your mother told me to send you the package after she died in hopes that it would bring you together.” 
I was speechless. It was all tying together. I had never known my blood family outside of siblings. Now I had an aunt  who had  walked right through our door. The package, the letter, and the books were all from her. She brought this into our lives by the wishes of our mother. All of this was hard to swallow, but I only had one question. “Where do our family’s powers come from?”
My aunt looked excited to tell us a story. “In 1 AD there were two very powerful families; the Anderson family, our family, and the Paliton family. One night on a half moon they gathered in a temple. They let the moonlight shine on a green gemstone, more beautiful than any gem ever found. It was found on the borders of the two kingdoms. In order to decide which kingdom owned it they placed a bet. Our family guessed that in the moonlight the gemstone would turn sky blue, but the Paliton family guessed that it would stay the same color. As the moonlight got closer both families grew silent, the anticipation rising. The moon shone its light onto the gem and it turned auburn. Neither family had won the bet. Our source of power was Ethan, who reached for the stone at the same time as the Palitons’ source of power, Daniel. That’s how they got the first powers; earth, wind, fire, and water. There was a story your grandmother told your mother and me about a destined four. They would each have one of the elements and when they combined their powers it would be more powerful than our source, Ethan.”
By that point my parents had walked in and my aunt said “And that’s why I wanted to thank you for helping my daughter.” I realized what she meant and played along. She was forced to leave but when she hugged me goodbye she whispered in my ear, “”.
A few weeks later we decided to go through the the rest of the box that we got from our birth mom. In the bottom was a line of our genealogy in a book. It contained our family from 1AD to present day. Our father was Mat James Anderson and our mother Marietta Chelle Anderson. Underneath our names was “The Power of the Elements”. In the back of the book was a note that said “Your family lives within you, embrace it”. On the other side it said “P.S. Just because the world can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Love you more than words can express, Mom”. A tear fell on to the note as I read it and it turned into an origami butterfly and rested on my shoulder. The power of my family was in me and I was going to embrace it.
After a week or two I started talking to Aunt Sarah sometimes by email, but I haven't seen her in person since that day she told us about our power origins. She tells me stories about mom most of the time. Sometimes she gives me tips about magic. She told me more about the Palitan family and why we should steer clear of them until the final battle when we were old enough. We were destined to settle who the stronger kingdom was. Our prodigy was the same prodigy as theirs. I don’t want to fight, so I am going to do everything in my power to stop the war against the two “kingdoms” when it comes.
A year later my parents and Chelsea and I moved into a house next door to the Carltons. We enjoyed living next to each other. Whenever our parents weren’t looking we would show off a new magic trick we learned, real magic. So maybe we enjoyed the thrill of danger and went out on an adventure, or two, or three, but what is the point of powers if you don’t use them for the good for other people. I may be Rosetta Parkinson, but I am just as much Rosetta Anderson and I, Rosetta Anderson, will embrace it as well as the powers that come along with it, for if we don’t have family we have nothing, and I am lucky enough to have two.


This story is 16 pages, but it is one of the best I’ve ever written. It is about a girl who finds her adopted syblings when her mom dies and finds out that they have powers; Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. They go through a journey “together”. It is a first person perspective. Hope you enjoy,
ps: please leave comments so I can see your thoughts, and how I can make it better. Also it is copied and pasted so ignore the format.


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