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Syrian Arab Republic

A Fake Light

September 14, 2018


Illustrious, Convoluted a door ever so bright
It’s only intrinsic that we aim for light
Pass sacrifice feasibility demands
Candid you respond, gullible one you are !
Incentives , Incentives , wrongly you presume
”I’ve got light by my side.”

Click, Clunk, you got pushed inside !

Welcome to an ever so endless
So lost in pretension, overwhelmed by the vast
You didn’t notice the door get locked
And your vision fuzz

Click, Clunk, you got trapped inside !

Everything so dull, everything so black
Everything so nebulous, you start to skirt and flitter
Indignant , you feel
Aggravated , you shriek
Thus , you try to flee.

Thus, you try to flee .

”Sorry my forlorn dear , but blunt I only be.
I wonder if , I wonder if ,
You didn’t forget where you threw your keys.
I wonder if , I wonder if ,
You knew how big of a conundrum I shall be !“


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