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Aaron Gordon

United States

A Laughing, Shaky Thriller

January 19, 2016

    This is definitely a laughing thriller, but did the acting fall short of par? If you are searching for an entertaining, family night movie, My Dad’s A Soccer Mom is a great choice for you and your children. Directed by Randall Stevens, this movie is packed with funny scenes appropriate even for the youngest children in your family. Though the acting is sometimes below par, this film is sure to make the whole family laugh. My Dad’s A Soccer Mom focuses on many themes and genres including drama, conflicts within families, and how sports can affect our lives. Moreover, gender stereotypes are explored throughout this film, with the film showing the typical roles of a mom and dad in the American culture we live in.
    This movie starts off with Marion Casey, played by Lester Speight, losing his job as a football player. Once an active football player who had little to do with his daughter Lacy, played by Skai Jackson, this all changes when he is not re-drafted onto his NFL football team, the Atlanta Thunder. Marion’s wife Holly Casey, played by Wendy Raquel Robinson, changes her life from a stay-at-home mom to a working woman going after her dreams as an interior designer. The film shows the progression of Lacy's relationship with her dad, who becomes inseparably close to her through their time spent together. Will Marion risk his relationship with his wife by letting Lacy get her way and letting her quit ballet and drama? Watch how this plays out in this film that shows the patriarchal society we live in, one where Holly is in the minority for been a full-time working mom.
    While the film kept me laughing throughout, analyzing the acting in the movie showed that some actors were amateur and did not always act within their role. The filming of the movie could have also been better at times, with some scenes looking a little shaky and unprofessional.  
    I would recommend this film for a family setting with young kids where you are simply looking for a film to keep you laughing and if you are not too set on watching a movie with stellar acting. I would not suggest this movie for any adults not watching with kids, because you are likely to find the movie too youthful. I give this movie a 3/5 stars, as it is fun to watch and has an amusing plot but could use some polishing in the acting and filming.  


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