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I'm a person with to many things in my head, and not enough creativity to write them. But I hope I improve and I hope to have my pieces enjoyed.

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What you will find here is the product of rare instances in which I actually write something. I hope you enjoy.


January 6, 2015



You know, I love all your flaws the most.

From your head to your toes

Hair to your nose

Skin to smile and from your eyebrows to your ears.

Because nothing will be or can be or ever will be perfect.

We all just have to go with what we have and love it.

We have to believe that what we have is perfect, even though it’s not.

And no you’re not perfect, you’re broken and hurt

But to me you are perfect.

Because that’s how my eyes get to see you

By turning flaws to quirks

Scars to art

And pain to love

There’s a list that’s counted in how many stars exist of all the things I love about you

And most of them are the simplest of things. 


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