Elizabeth Gordon

United States

I'm a young writer who likes to use writing as a way to show certain things in many different concepts. Even show how to see light in some of the darkest things. My stories are usually grim fantasy, but I write in a variety of generas.

Message from Writer

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go- E. L. Doctorow


September 26, 2018


I sit in my chair, I sway back and fourth
Inside my cabin that's way up north
The cold frosts my window, the snow piles up
I hold up mug and I sip from the cup
pipping hot tea steams right in my face
And the warm freeing has me lost in space
I close my eyes and see a place
Where the clouds are light, made of silk and lace
Where the grass is green and waves in the wind
Like an ocean of blades refusing to end
And while I now open my eyes to see disappointment 
Soon the haven will come, I wait for the appointment


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