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YG blame it on the streets

January 11, 2016

YG blame it on the streets 
Film Review
Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in a society where all morals and what we know to be as the correct social patter go out the window, and where death and murder is norm? The movie YG blame it on the streets transports you into the world of street living in Compton/ Bompton California and puts you in the mindset of a gang affiliated man named YG. YG, standing for young gangster is a west coast rapper born and raised in the ghettos of California. YG was signed to a record label not to long ago and made this movie to give the world a peek of what he had to go through to get a taste of success.

The film starts off with 3 of YGs fellow gang members, to a gang called the bloods, sitting in a car. They are talking about YG for a good while when the movie cuts to a group of girls talking about him as well. We are not introduced to the YG, the protagonist of this film, until a little later in the movie. All the talk you hear and stories being told about him keeps the audience intrigued and on their toes awaiting his appearance. The three guys sitting in the car got caught up in a drive by shooting with a rival gang and had to run the YGs house to get artillery to bust back on them. This is when we are first introduced to him. YG then gives him and his friends pistols and glocks as the conflict in the movie goes on. The constant action, conflict, and fighting keeps the audience on the edge of their seats awaiting the next move, this would not be a movie anyone would fall asleep in.

The next morning YG gets a call from his fellow gang bangers saying they got robbed the night before and are short on cash now. They pick him up and they head to a neighborhood to rob some houses to get some extra money and material things to sell. Once in the house, they split up and search for anything valuable. YG comes across a safe in the basement and claims he gets to keep it for himself beside he came across it. The others flip out and start fighting each other. When fighting, YG notices a flashing red light on the alarm system, it's the cops. They all quickly grab what they can, including the safe and make a run for it. They are quickly put into a high speed chase with the police. 2 of his homies are on parole so they tell him to stop the car so they can make a run for it. The cops quickly stop their car and chase down his friends while YG and his homie slim 400 getaway.
The movie ends with YG and Slim 400 in a jewelry store spending the profits they had gotten from the robbery. I would give this movie a 5 out of 5 stars. This movie kept me engaged with action, intrigued by mystery, and helped me gain knowledge on what it's like to be apart of a gang. 



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