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The Return to Wonderland

January 11, 2016

     The inventive world of Wonderland and Alice’s journey into her own imagination is more than merely a children’s story. Nine-teen year old, Alice, returns to her dreamlike world from her childhood adventures. In the live-action Alice in Wonderland, she learns her true destiny to end the Red Queen’s reign of terror, although she remained reluctant till the time came. She arrives in a mysterious place known as Underland that is a mirrored image of her childhood nightmares that consisted of talking animals, evil queens, bandersnatchers, and more.
The movie focuses on her end goal of defeating the Red Queen’s reign, and the obstacles she undertakes to complete this. Director Tim Burton and screenwriter Linda Woolverton create a complex, diverse dream-like world that is so different from anything ever seen before. This new live-action movie makes her childhood nightmares more realistic and truly paints the image in your head. The camera focuses on Alice reuniting with old friends that she slowly gains recollection of, and of every problem she seems to face. All throughout the movie, the lighting and mood is deep and dark.
The movie starts with Alice at her engagement party. Unknowingly, she follows this rabbit that captures her attention and falls down a deep hole filled of bookcases, pianos, beds, and more and finally crashes into a room filled of doors. She finally finds a way to open a door and enters the imaginitive world of Underland.  
As she enters Underland she is greeted by her old friends Tweetle-dee, Tweetle-dum, Dodo, Dormouse, and White Rabbit. Still believing this is merely a dream,  she still has no recollection of being in this land in the past, and her old friends seem to question if she truly is the “right Alice”. She is taken to the Absolum the blue caterpillar, and he confirms her future with a prophecy being to defeat the Red Queen. From then on out she continues to rekindle with her old friends such as The Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. The Mad Hatter informs Alice of how things have changed since she was last there. The Red Queen gained total control and continually abuses all of the animals and people in Underland, and it is Alice who is to defeat her by fighting the Jabberwocky. The Jabberwocky is a dragon who the Red Queen has control of and if anyone disobeys her they must be killed by him. The Red Queen’s sister, the White Queen, has been waiting for Alice to arrive in Underland to defeat the dragon. Eventually, Alice finds the White Queen and is given a sword to defeat the Jabberwocky. The battle day has finally come, and Alice feels she in no way can defeat this creature, but she reminds herself of her father once telling her to complete six impossible things before breakfast.
    The movie was a great spinoff of the original cartoon version. The live-action movie showed right where it left off at the end of the cartoon. Although it skips 13 years, it shows a great end to her wonderful adventures. This movie is directed to anyone and everyone. It gets you hooked from the start to learn about all of the new adventures and a live image of what Wonderland actually looks like.

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