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Friends With Benefits: Review

January 11, 2016


In Hollywood's 2011 rom com, Friends with Benefits, Jamie, (Mila Kunis) plays the New York headhunter with mommy-issues and Justin Timberlake plays Dylan, an LA local who runs his own successful blog. The story all begins when confident, alfa Jamie convinces Dylan to fly into New York to interview for a job position at GQ magazine. From the minute Dylan gets off the plane the movie starts to unravel into this typical and cliche love story with a comedic and laughable undertone. Dylan rocks his interview and is offered the once in a lifetime job at GQ. As a result, Dylan has to decide whether he wants to leave friendly spacious LA and move to the big crowded city of New York. Shockingly, persuasive Jamie once again convinces Dylan to move to New York and take the job. As Dylan and Jamie begin to spend more and more time together they start to develop a relationship with one another and this relationship is what makes this movie so invigorating. Director, Will Gluck takes the underlying ciche, romantic, hollywood formula and instead makes it an obvious and in your face part of the movie. Jamie and Dylan share emotional talks about Hollywood movies and how ridiculous they actually are. Criticizing a Hollywood movie in a Hollywood movie is an interesting but innovative tactic to Glucks directive perspective. “God I wish my life was a movie sometimes. You know I’d never have to worry about my hair or going to the bathroom. And then when I’m at my lowest point some guy would chase me down the street pour his heart out and then we would kiss, happily ever after.” Jamie ironically says this to dylan as they watch a Hollywood rom com on the couch. Jamie and Dylan converse about where they both are in their individual lives and how they both need time for themselves but cannot live without the outlet of sex. They decide to take on the challenge to be friends with benefits. “No emotions, no relationship, just sex.” The movie is interesting, upbeat and keeps the audience simultaneously both comfortable and hysterical. I would say this is one of Hollywood's best rom coms simply because of its interesting perspective on human relationships. Kunis and Timberlake could not have done a better job at playing characters who are both successful but emotionally damaged. The chemistry between the two flows right out of the screen as if they are meant to be. Will Jamie and Dylan succeed in having a sex only relationship or will they begin to resent each other? Or will the two fall for eachother and live happily ever after? I recommend you watch and find out for yourself!


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