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The Butler Review

January 11, 2016

The Butler review
Director, Lee Daniels, takes drama biographies to a new level in the film, The Butler. Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, and David Oyelowo portray the story of one man and his journey through powerful and honest words.
When Cecil Gaines was a boy, he spent his days picking cotton in the field with his dad, until one day,everything changed. The plantation owner shot Cecil's father, leaving him with his mentally ill mother just as a young boy. He spent his teenage years trying to provide for his mother and working in the field until one day he leaves everything he knows, trying to start a new life for himself. things were hard though as he was in the middle of the civil rights era, and as a black male, he struggled. He started working in a hotel in Washington DC until opportunity struck and he became a butler in the whitehouse. That’s when everything changed. He learned not to speak if not spoken to, to hear nothing, and to do everything your told and nothing else. Cecil’s Wife and kids also struggle being a black family in this time period and make the viewer connect emotionally to each character.
when watching this powerful and eye opening film, we get a view into a whole different and cruel world that doesn’t even seem possible today. The way blacks were treated made my heart hurt as i watched an innocent group of teens get spit on and shoved in a diner, as they sat defenseless, mustard, blood, and spit covering their faces.
Cecil was the butler at the white house through 5 presidents, so he was able to live through world changing events such as the assassination of JFK, Martin Luther King Jr.’s movement and assassination, and finally at the end when he is retired and old, The inauguration of Barack Obama, which had seemed impossible to him his whole life.  
I highly recommend seeing this film, as it keeps your heart pounding the whole time. I grew a strong personal connection with each character feeling their pain and suffering. The way Lee Daniels followed the story of one butler from the white house was so powerful and every piece of the movie was honest and eye opening. It is a heartwarming story that makes you thankful for everyone who was apart of the civil rights movement and made freedom and equality possible today.


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