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Remember the Review

January 19, 2016

    The storyline was based on real life events and it was riveting and inspiring.  It portrayed the true story of a football team in 1971 Alexandria, Virginia (the Titans). The team's school was just integrated and the movie portrays the team’s struggle to get along and eventually to overcome society’s view of African-Americans by showing the world that African-Americans and whites are equal and that they can work together to accomplish things.    
    The acting in “Remember the Titans” was sensational and convincing.  Denzel Washington (Coach Boone) was very realistic and had very clear emotions that emphasized parts of the movie.  Denzel Washington’s character, Coach Boone, was the head coach of the football team and he was African-American, which raised much controversy at the beginning of the movie and was brought up throughout the entirety of the movie.  One particullarly convincing scene was during training camp in cafeteria when Denzel Washington (Coach Boone) forced the team to get along and untill they do, their amount of practices per day will be incredibilly high.  All of the characters were very inspiring and the actors were true to their roles throughout the whole movie.
    The characters developed greatly throughout the course of the movie.  They become completely different people in their mindsets and ways of thinking about race.  At the beginning of the movie, the white characters hated African-Americans, and vice versa, so much so that in the first scene, the white football players were running to go join a fight against the African-Americans.  Later in the movie, the white characters stand up for the African-Americans in conversations, a restaurant and in fights.  
            The script moved the storyline along smoothly.  The script also added to the movie beautifully and improved the atmosphere and reality of the movie.  The movie’s soundtrack was very surreal and helped get points across throughout the movie in various scenes like the "We are the Titans" scene when they enter the field with their famous "We are the Titans" song and warmup.  The camera angles added emphasis, particularly when there were serious parts and they used close-ups.  Camera angles were also used to show the team practicing or the crowd cheering or booing the Titans.  The “3 AM Gettysburg” and the “Strong Side, Left Side” scenes were 2 classic scenes that defined the movie.  Those scenes defined “Remember the Titans” because those were the scenes were when the white and African-American players first got along together and became friends with each other.  Two other famous scenes are when they enter the field in the scene “We are the Titans” and later, the scene “Remember the Night they Played the Titans” when they hold the opposing team to 0 yards for the rest of the game.  
    Overall, “Remembr the Titans” is a classic film and a must-watch.  The movie is a true testament to the impact of sports in a person’s life and bonding as a team and it did justice to the story of the Titans in real life.  In my personal opinion, “Remember the Titans” is the best sports movie and the best ‘Based on Real Events’ movie ever made and it is a necessity to watch the film. 


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