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Star Wars: The Review Strikes Back

By: ParkerZ10CP

    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is the 5th movie in the Star Wars trilogy (Chronologically). However this movie was the 2nd move in the trilogy in the order that they were released. This movie starts off with the Rebels hiding on the ice planet of Hoth showing that once again the rebellion are running from The Empire and that they are weaker. The cinematography in the scene where Luke is in the ice cave and the way the introduce him is amazing. The start out showing the bones of some creature stuck in the ice of the cave, and then the camera pans to Luke hanging by his feet from the roof of the cave. At this point it looks like there is no chance of escape for Luke until he sees his lightsaber stuck in the snow below him. He then uses the force to retrieve his lightsaber from the snow and cut himself down. Instead of Luke being able to get back to the rebel base he was stuck out in the snow for the night and Han has to come looking for him. The two are then found the next morning where they are brought back to the rebel base.
    In this movie we also see that Darth Vader has become darker and much harsher. He will kill his own men if they fail or anger him. The actors for the Imperial officers do a great job of this by having an intense look of fear on their face if they have to confront Vader after something failed. John Williams also introduced Darth Vader’s theme in this movie. The piece of music known as The Imperial March now is one of the most famous pieces of music ever composed. Whenever Vader is portrayed with this music in the movie it gives everyone viewing it that The Empire is not a force to be messed with. In the ensuing battle on Hoth we finally get to see all of the characters involved in a battle and the focus being on them rather than it being on the ships. This makes the viewers care more about the characters because we fear for their lives. We also get to see an obedient side of Vader when he is having a conversation with the Emperor and he is down on one knee when speaking to him.
In the next act of the film we get to see Luke go to the Dagobah system to find Yoda and be trained as a Jedi. The set for when Luke crash lands on the planet is incredible, I felt as if they were actually on a swampy planet in another galaxy. Some of Yoda’s teaching to Luke are so powerful that I even use some of them in my life as motivation. Afterwards there is a scene where Luke is trying to lift his crashed x-wing from the swamp and he is unable to do it. I like that they made it to where he couldn’t lift it as it shows that he is still not a master of the force and that he is still learning as that is a very big jump from moving rocks with the force. However afterwards Yoda (who is a master with the force) comes up and is able to lift his x-wing from the swamp and he places it on the ground next to him.
           Next Luke leaves his training before it is complete and goes to the cloud city against Obi Wan and Yoda’s advice to save Han and Leia from a vision that he has seen. Han is tortured by Vader and later reveals that he was never asked any question. When Luke finally arrives Han has already been frozen in carbonite and given to bounty hunter Boba Fett to take to his employer. Jabba the Hut, a man who Han Solo owed money for dropping the shipment he was smuggling when he saw an Imperial Ship and he never gave Jabba the money. When Luke finally enters the room to confront Vader the filmmaking is surreal, the lack of music and the mist act as a build up to the battle between Luke and Vader. Luke comes into the fight over confident and is quickly overpowered by Vader because he is more in-tune with the force. Another great piece of filmmaking occurs after Vader reveals to Luke that he is his father the music is increased and there is a long pause to let what was just said sink in. Luke then looks down below him at a giant pit and lets go of the pole he is holding onto and falls into attempting to commit suicide as there is nothing left to live for in his mind. The fact that he survives is just by chance and he had no idea what was below him.
    Once Luke realized that he has survived he reaches out to Leia using the force and she responds and comes to rescue him giving us our first hint that she could be the other person Yoda was talking about. Once Luke is back aboard the Millennium Falcon R2-D2 finally fixes the ship hyper-drive which hadn’t been working the entire movie and they are able to go to light speed and escape The Empire’s grasp. The film ends of a brilliant piece of writing that leaves every viewers on a cliff hanger, they are discussing a rendezvous on tatooine and we have no idea what or where that is. In conclusion I would recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of sci-fi/action films, it has a very compelling story that kept me hooked. The only thing I would recommend is that u watch films 1-4 before so you understand the storyline and all the characters.  

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