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an empire that lasts forever

October 11, 2018

I rule a kingdom
Of howling waves and sweet birdsong
Of moonlight and starshine
Of white sand and black rock

I rule a kingdom
Of mossy walls and wildflowers
Of dark velvet skies, shining
And crumpled in a child's hand

I rule a kingdom
Of shells rubbed white by memories
Of spires decked in bottle green glass
Of air tangy and sharp on chapped lips

I rule a kingdom
Of lost treasures and feathered trees
Of sticky seaweed and salty wind
I rule a.....

(The kingdom's been usurped! The castle has fallen!)
(A tyrant rules my land now. A merciless entity, with too many faces.)

I live in a kingdom
Embroidered in bright, merciless threads,
That wash out the stars above
That blind everyone who looks at them for too long.

I live in a kingdom
Of gilded chandeliers, 
And diluted constellations,
Of grey sand and grey rock.

I live in a kingdom
Of concrete walls and barbed wire,
Of rusted iron and death.
(Gods, there's so much death)

I would take my kingdom back, 
But the tyrant is too strong
So I implore you to help me
You, the kings and queens
Of your own little empires,
Whether they be a brook,
Or a lake, or a backyard, or a forest,
Or all the seven seas

Protect your people,
Protect your lands,
(Protect your world)

And I swear to you,
The streams will rush unimpeded
The oceans will remain forever beautiful
The trees will stand tall and green
And your kingdoms,
So small, yet so, so big
They will stand forever
(And so will you).



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