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Home Alone Film Review

By: HarryG10CP

Harry Goldfein
Ms. Herman
CP World LIt
10 January 2016
Home Alone Movie Review
    Home Alone is a brilliant film directed by John Hughes which explains the story of a house robbery attempt through the eyes eight year old Kevin McCallister. The director starts the story in Kevin’s house where his family is getting ready to leave for France the next day. While they are preparing their last dinner at their house before they leave for France, Kevin gets into a fight with his brother and forced to sleep on the third floor. Because he sleeps on the third floor, their parents forget to bring him on the family trip due to being rushed from a power outage overnight. This leaves Kevin alone with no power in his house for days. During his time alone he realizes that a pair of thieves are planning to rob his house, but he creates the ultimate plan to take them down and send them to jail.
    As the film progresses, the audience sees Kevin start off as selfish stubborn kid, like in the beginning when he claims that when he is older his is going to “live alone.” His unwillingness to accept his family soon gets changed later in the film when he realizes that he needs their love in protection when he is confronted with the fearful situation of his house getting robbed. During the the time his family is gone he claims that if he promises never to be “a pain in the butt again” if his parents came back for him. Because of his maturity and change of character, Kevin portrays a dynamic character which is clearly evident to the audience because even though it is third person, the film is clearly shot through the eyes of Kevin McCallister.
    Not only was the plot entertaining, the film was also very well put together. Everything in the story was well explained, which makes it enjoyable for anyone to watch. An example of this would be that the reason why kevin couldn't call his parents to tell them that he was okay while they were gone was because the power lines were destroyed which also explain why his family was almost late to their flight which caused them to leave Kevin home. Because the whole plot was thoroughly thought out, the movie performs seamlessly. The movie also used camera angles to quietly set a tone in the movie. When the camera was looking towards Kevin the camera was pointed downwards so the audience would get to see kevin as just a child, but when the camera was pointed to adults, the camera was pointed upwards Not only was the movie edited well, the actors were superb. Because the actors performed at a high level it truly brought life to the film.
    During this movie, Kevin McCallister goes through a series of fearful external events including being left home alone for days and having to confront two thiefs. These fears actually push Kevin forward as he turns from a small helpless boy who has “never packed a suitcase before” to a mature eight year old who takes care of his house when he is home alone. This makes the audience smile in the end after going through the stress because of the series of fears Kevin must go through to get stronger.

Peer Review

Great hook sentence, because it summarized the film in one sentence. It drew me in, and made me want to read more

The ability to write about the movie and make it seem interesting without giving away any main events or spoilers

yes, it had just the right amount of detail and information in each paragraph

Great job, keep up the good work and look out for the small grammar mistakes.

Reviewer Comments

Maybe add some more info on the robbers and what actors played them. Give one or two examples of what happened to Kevin that made him a stronger person and caused him to be a dynamic character