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"Good Will Hunting"- Positive Review

January 18, 2016

     Good Will Hunting, a dramatic comedy directed by Gus Van Sant, was nothing short of exceptional! The movie depicts the amazing journey of Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon. We are introduced to an isolated and angry, but extremely gifted young man and showed how he discovered himself, found love, and realized his potential through overcoming the adversities of his past. He was able to achieve these with the help of a therapist (Robin Williams), his best friend Chuckie (Ben Affleck), and his girlfriend Skylar (Minnie Driver).  
The movie is set in Massachusetts, the home of protagonist Will Hunting and the location of both Harvard University and MIT. Will lives on the opposite side of town in Dorchester, which is not as nice as Cambridge, where MIT and Harvard are located. Because Will is part of a lower class and is surrounded by people of a lower class, he has difficulties realizing that he can achieve the greatness he is capable of. Will’s genius mind helps him defend those he cares about, but it also allows him to be arrogant because he knows he is smarter than those around him. Will’s class and his past deeply affect the way Will views himself and he constantly believes that he should be satisfied with his life and has little motivation to move forward in it and accomplish more.
Good Will Hunting begins with a professor at MIT giving his students a nearly impossible math problem to solve. Working as a janitor at MIT, Will Hunting saw the math problem on a board and effortlessly solved it. When the professor found out that Will solved this problem, he did everything in his power to make sure Will did not waste his genius mind.  Professor Lambeau sent Will to a therapist who guided him in the process of overcoming the demons of his past that were holding him back. The movie fantastically developed Will’s damaged character in a realistic way with his short temper and prevalent fear of abandonment.
The casting of Good Will Hunting was compelling and believable as the actors performed their parts extremely convincingly. Matt Damon played protagonist, Will Hunting phenomenally and conveyed the message of this movie with humor and depth. The supporting cast, equally as talented as the main actor, portrayed their characters exceptionally and greatly added to the emotion and art of the film by performing with emotion and giving the viewer more insight to Will’s surroundings. The lighting in this movie added to the drama and tone of the film. It was not too dark to the point where the movie would have a gloomy vibe, but dark enough to appropriately match the continuous and past struggles of the characters in the film. For example, the scenes at night always had some color and light in them so the viewers wouldn’t assume that the underlying tone of the film was melancholy or struggles, rather than perseverance and growth.
Good Will Hunting  can inspire anyone trying to overcome the adversity that life presents. It encourages people to realize their potential and not be afraid to let go of the past. Will Hunting sets an example for change, progress, and overcoming obstacles in order to live to one’s full potential and not take personal blessings for granted. Overall, Good Will Hunting was a pleasurable movie to watch and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies about hardships and watching characters persevere through their struggles to achieve their ultimate goals in life.


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