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I'm using this to improve my writing and express myself. I like:
- Favourite colour green
- Book Genres: Science Fiction, Dystopian, Mystery, Adventure, Survival

Winter's a Killer

September 16, 2018


I sit in front of the cosy fire, 
Closing my eyes I imagine the balmy sun kissing my cheeks. 
The knock of the cold rattles my door, 
Reminding me that winter has arrived. 
The flowers are shrivelled and sharp,
Crystalised by winter's cold tarp.
The flop of the deer's body hits the floor, 
Life has ceased, forever to preserved, frozen in time. 
The snow falls covering all dark deeds 
And soaking them into the ground. 
While I shiver trying not to make a sound. 
Winter revelling in the sight of the fallen,
The storm swells spreading the red pool. 

Nothing dare moves or makes a sound, 
I venture out of my cosy cabin, the silence deathly. 
A stick shatters under my foot, the void filled,
The wind howls,
I'm the next target. 
Winter gripping the knife,
I hold my breath, covering my eyes, 
Bracing for the cutting air to sever me. 
My tears become frigid, looking to the ground,
An open wound forms, my hands raw. 
I look to the fallen deer, 
Surrounding me, the blinding white consumes my blood. 

My head goes fuzzy, feeling faint,
I can't get up, I can't move
Feeling helpless, Winter cracks a smile as the sky darkens.
Enjoying the sight of my pain,
I am one of the fallen. 
I lay next to the deer, looking to the sky.
Will this weather ever end?
The bleakness of the sky drips into my vision
I fade in and out, covered by the white blanket.
Abruptly a darkness blurs the sky,
The dark crow perches upon the dead deer,
Pecking into its mouth, the deer turns grey and cold.
I quiver at the sight, losing my breath, 
Covered over, I freeze,
Winter is a killer. 
Well, winter is over, so here's a tribute to what it felt like on those frosty mornings. It wasn't this bad, though I wish it snowed. 


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  • Johanna

    Beautiful image you portrayed here! Lovely!

    over 2 years ago
  • ALangford

    ooh i like this a lot, v v beautiful imagery, well done

    over 2 years ago
  • ~Kate T

    Wonderful descriptions! You have some very vivid imagery here.

    over 2 years ago