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Hi guys,
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Wild Peace

September 11, 2018

When the world gets dark.
When I can no longer find my way.
When it seems I am simply spinning in circles, 
I go down to the meadow.
Away from the noise and the hustle of life.
Here wildflowers grow in great bouquets.
Their vibrant colors perfume the air,
so different than the smog of cars.
The grass grows to my waist in gentle green and golden yellows. 
I run my hands through it and close my eyes,
letting the sunlight recharge my heart.
Sometimes I run barefoot,
letting the grass whip my legs
and the rocks stab my feet,
the pain reminding me I am alive. 
I find peace in my wild place.
Sheltered from the world by pines and oaks,
 willows and hickories. 
When the sun sets low in the sky
I lay down and count the stars, 
tracing the constallations.
I wake covered in dew drops.
As I shake them off,
they take my pain with them.
I return to the world,
 looking every bit like the wild I long to return to.


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