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The Kids are Gonna be Fine

September 14, 2018

Is it okay to take wine from the decadent?
Is it okay to steal bread for the innocent?
I don't mind if you take what's yours
as long as you leave me mine
but you walked right in, took it all
keep it safe inside

You tell me
"But the kids turned out alright
and in fifty years they're gonna be fine"
My future's not as bright as you believe
My future's not as rich as you need
I'm much more filthy than I seem

I used to give wine to the uncorrupt
until they took from my arms everything they loved
I don't mind if you take what you need
as long as you don't take mine
but you forced your way in, took it all
hid it safe inside

You tell me
"But the kids are gonna be fine
I mean we turned out alright"
It's easier to misplace the future than you think
I'm not as forgiving as I seem
You spread nothing but disease


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