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Zach Negin

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Daddy's Home: Will Ferrell at His Best

January 13, 2016

        In their second comedy team up, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg return with even more wittiness, sarcasm, and laughs than before ("The Other Guys"). In "Daddy's Home", directed by Sean Anders, after leaving his family, bad-boy Dusty (Wahlberg) returns after a few months to win back his wife and kids. Brad (Ferrell), however, has recently married Sarah (Linda Cardellini) and her kids have finally started to accept him as their father. When Dusty returns, he promptly informs Brad that he is trying to take his wife and step-kids away from him. For Brad, this means all out war; everything from Christmas in July to taking the whole family to a Laker's game (aside from Dusty, of course, who has to sit a few rows over from his wife and kids). Dusty, however, always seems to find a way to one-up him, whether it be from his connections, good looks, or physical stature. The question is; will Dusty's plan to win his family back succeed, or will Brad's goody-two-shoes personality triumph? In their over the top love for their family, Dusty and Brad are portraying the importance of family (maybe a little too well...)
    While the film was a slapstick-comedy, it seemed as if sometimes the director and cast were trying a little too hard to create comedic scenes. This led to some scenes that were too absurd and unrealistic to be funny. That did not seem to be the fault of the cast, who were otherwise hilarious all around, but more of a writing error. This, however, seemed to be the only fault in an otherwise hilarious film. The film featured various smaller characters, who were not only extremely comedic, but also helped keep the plot on target. One of these being Griff (Hannibal Buress), an African-American man who address racial stereotypes while still keeping the laughs going. Without these essential characters, the film would have strayed too far away from the plot, causing viewers to lose their interest. For anyone who is a fan of Will Ferrell, this is a must see movie. As one of his funniest movies in a long time, this will soon be known as one of Ferrell's best. Also, for anyone who is a fan of this type of slapstick, absurd comedy; this will be a chart topper. Overall, "Daddy's Home" was humorously entertaining film that any fan of comedy will not regret watching. 

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