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Books and the Meter of Life

By: TwentyOneTimelords


my life
started with books.
they gave me the world
they helped me see past
my small sense of reality
they guided my opinions
they made me who I am right now.
and with the books came
the overpowering urge to write my own
to contribute to the world
I love so much
to make a kid like me smile.
and so I read and write
my way through life
emulating and creating
devouring books hungrily
adding new words to my repertoire.
I suppose my life will end with books
maybe with some of mine
or maybe just with the ones I cherish
and cling to ‘til the end.

Peer Review

The simpleness of it. 'to make a kid like me smile.' The imagery in this is also great, and the format makes you want to read it from top to bottom multiple times. :) To me, the shorter the poem, the more readable, and you did a great job!

You really did a great job...I can relate well to this. 'devouring books hungrily / adding new words to my repertoire.' Really love these lines!

Reviewer Comments

Great job! Please keep writing! This is relatable to many people, I'm sure. Books can be our lifeline. :)
God bless!