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Au Natural

September 14, 2018

Dear Mother Nature ,

This is just a quick note to say thanks so much for the last four billion years or so. It's been a great time.

The planetary life-support systems worked really well. Your oceans, your soils, your flowing streams, your forests.They were our home. You were a refuge, for you provided us comfort. You where the floor that supported us , the foundation that kept us steady, the walls that gave us shelter . However, it happened that we failed to see you for who you really are. Home Sweet Home. For it's when you thrive , we thrive. When you falter, we falter. Or worse.

And on behalf of the human race , I am really sorry about the last couple of hundred years. We really stuffed things up, haven't we ? Yes we drove the lands,flew the skies and sailed the oceans. But at the same time, we cut down the evergreen , deprived the oceans of their wonted blue and repressed the sky with a gloomy smoggy grey.

How do i feel ? Ashamed. For this is not how to repay the good.Frustrated , because the scientific evidence about climate change and pollution is overwhelming. We know what's going on , we know why it's happening , we know how serious things are going to get and still , after so many years we're doing practically nothing to stop it. I feel concerned that our inaction we bring terrible sufferings, that within my lifetime ,many of the places that make you so special , like the snows on the Kilimanjaro, the Great Barrier Reef and even the ice cover arctic will be degraded beyond recognition . Our legacy to the next generation.

And I am ashamed to say sometimes , my frustration leads to apathy. And I hate feeling apathetic. It is then , that I read things or see things from individuals, from communities and optimism tickles. I will keep doing my work, I will keep screaming in my own little way. I will be optimistic that we will do something about this. I live in a hope where you are no longer threatened because we work together to find a solution. We are at our best when we work together on our grand challenges, we have the capabilities to repair climate and to lighten our footprints to you can sustain.

Until then,
A caring human.

Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care.


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