Caitlan McLerran

United States


September 10, 2018

              I drove down an asphalt road one night, 
        The tall trees around me consumed by darkness,
    The car’s lights illuminating my path,
        And on the side of the road laid a deer,
    Still, quiet, gone forever, and
        My lungs burn with every inhale of smog, 
                    My eyes red with the burn of chemicals,
    My nose scrunched in disgust at putrid smells lingering through my walk home,
        Dead, dried plants crunch beneath my feet, it’s
    Down the road are hundreds of brittle cigarettes,
        Littered through dry earth, marking the number of mistakes we’ve made,
    Trash at every corner, it’s as if flowers bloom of plastic,
                Animals dying of hunger and thirst, because we replaced their home with our own, it’s
            We wonder why animals are dying, 
        Turn the cheek at climate change, 
            Pray for clean air and water, 
    And wish upon the stars that our trees are saved, but it’s
        We wonder why Earth is slowly being destroyed with our hands stained red, 
    The acid rain pouring upon our heads poisoned with truth,
            But we’re blinded by the idea that man-made is good,
    We’re innovators, we’re changing the world,
            But we’re a disease, and the twisted part of it all is that we must be the treatment,
    This sickness weaves itself into all of our minds,
        Telling us the green of money is more important than the green of grass,
    That living and breathing success is better than breathing clean air, 
But this is the only earth we have, 
Hand knit perfectly by mother nature,
And we’re simply ripping it at the seams, it’s all
I wipe the illusion society painted from my vision,
And pick up a paintbrush of my own. 
Greens of abundant, untouched forests,
Blues of clear, clean skies, and fresh running water, 
Pinks and yellows of budding flowers, 
Mother nature guiding the wrist of man, and 
The new picture in front of me is beautiful, 
Created with gentle care and focus,
A world untouched and unseen by greedy hands, but still


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