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The Screen By Our Sides

September 10, 2018


We hear that bell ding or that pop up appear
We think we are fulfilled because it takes away the fear
But where does the panic come from? Is it that abandoning feeling to our days?
Or the constant need to have things go our way?

As we cling so tightly to that blue light
We forget what the time is as it passes into night

But what's the harm when your loved ones are on there too?
Smiling and talking and sharing moments with you

But then there's that empty feeling, it comes around again
As you look at your feed and see 0 requests for friends
Maybe you feel lonely like nobody cares
Because they're hooked to their screens too
It's the same fear they share

But you're a good person, you're not a common thug
But what you don't realise is you have your own type of drug

You're addicted, attached, you can't let go
You're technological comfoter could be the only thing that knows
The only thing that understands how you're feeling inside
It holds your secrets, it knows when you've lied

It, it, it, it's a part of your life
How could you let go of something that without it you feel strife?

You don't need it, this new age drug, your tick
Put it down, look up, it's living you should pick

Because through that screen, you're missing it all go by
The notifications are caught in your blood, you're on a materialised high

Connect and engage and not through your feed
You're fueling what it is you think you need
Look up not down, see all life before you
Give it a try, you might find a world to explore through

Look directly into someones eyes
Not through the screen that tells you lies


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