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kind of a personal poem. well, there’s nothing like childhood nostalgia, is there?

i wish i’d stayed where i was

September 9, 2018


my earliest memories—
laughing, arm-in-arm with best friends
imagining things we knew weren’t real
hide-and-seek, being so obvious it’d last five seconds
tag, me outrunning all the others because my legs were long

every day we fought a new battle
it was so fun
because it was so harmless
hating one day, smiling the next
these things, they were so forgettable

and god
i wish i’d stayed where i was
when i chose to grow older
and god
i wish i had those nights back
all those times we ran out the door
screaming that it was the weekend

i used to laugh so quickly;
it used to be so easy to find paradise
right where i was—
i look back on it now
those days were so golden and so utterly perfect
that i distract myself too much to make new ones


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