I live words, I breathe words, I am made of words.

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An aspiring writer from Singapore who can't make up my mind about what I really want to write.

Hence will spew out prose or poems or plays or strange mishmashes of all three.

Or just random ramblings.

when will we stop

September 12, 2018

small blue planet

​why do you turn?

even when you bear the weight of at least 3 million different species 

1 of whom destroys you like no one has before

polluting your rivers

stealing your minerals

tearing down your trees

screaming, screaming, screaming at you to stop turning and just lie dead. 

small blue planet 

why do you turn?

even when we make our homes in you and on you and around you 

tunnels, nests, hollows, houses

and in them, living, loving, eating, drinking, 

yelling, screaming, tearing, fighting, 


small blue planet

why do you turn? 

on and on and on

is it because we are on it? 

because my parents and their parents 

need to stay on in the universe 

to feed their children, to help them 
grow and to teach them 

to thank the earth they grow on


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