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An Excerpt Titled Darkness

January 8, 2016


Clips from novels I may never write:

Parker thought about his sister. He imagined the pain on her face, the gasps for air, each one more desperate than the last, the empty cries that would be heard by no one. The horrible, taunting nothingness that surrounded him made it difficult not to imagine. Parker hated thinking about Lily's death, but the torturous subject demanded his attention like a determined toddler pulling at your sleeve. The  
You know how you can start to see things in a dark room after your eyes have time to adjust? You couldn't fall asleep that one night, so your eyes kept drifting from your dresser to the closet door and back to your alarm clock that informed you that yes, only a minute has passed. You know that everything that was there in the light was still there in the dark. You may be tired of not being tired, but at least you can stare at the desk giving you the comfort that your furnature didn't dissapear as the lights went off.
The luxery of vision doesn't happen in complete darkness. Not even in the slightest form. Parker had learned that years ago, or had it only been a few hours ago?
In complete darkness, the only thing you have is your thoughts. As unfortunate as it might be, it is the truth.
The day I started to write this I read Me and Earl and The Dying Girl and the beginning of the book The Book Thief, both two of my most favorite books. Both of these novels use a very casual voice when speaking about a very serious topic, namely, death. This element is where I pull my inspiration from.


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