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this sounds a lot better when read slam poetry style... but since that is impossible on this site, just enjoy the written form! let me know what you think <3

who my friends really are

September 9, 2018


I am friends with thespians. Artists of the stage.
Masters of emotion. Harnessers of rage.
Everyone is different, but every one the same.
Individualistic dancers. They all strive for the fame.
When the curtain slowly rises, we all lift our eyes.
Standing simply, side by side. Prepare the painted lies.
Dancing statues before an audience. We know just what to tell.
We speak our lines with close precision. And I know them well:
The boy with a bitter tongue. Labeled as brash and unkind.
The girl that smiles too much, but doesn’t care if people mind.
My good friend that people label as too smart.
Not seeing his genuine kindness. Or the way he creates his art.
My adopted friend. Everyone sees her different skin.
And my friend: the girl who won’t let the evil anxiety win.
The football player in front of me, promised a college degree.
The tall boy that by making music, finds who he’s meant to be.
I love them all, those acting with me for such a long while.
And as the curtains close, we see what’s behind their smile.
The bitter boy is really kind, although he barely lets people see.
My laughing friend is striving to finally become more free.
While being smart, my friend sees a warped reflection in the mirror.
My friend from another country, tries to find solace here.
Day by day, my anxious friend finds peace within herself.
The football player dances gently on the fringe of mental health.
The tall boy that sits across from me in class,
Struggles with depression, and holds his heart like glass.
Off the stage we’re slightly broken, beaten bruised and torn.
But we are healing slowly, creating flowers from our thorns.
Don’t be mistaken, by the masks the phantoms wear.
Look deeper to who my friends are, there is beauty there.


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  • Kthrasher5

    Sorry for stalking your account, but I just love the way you write! It’s so captivating and inspiring! You’ve got some serious talent!!!

    almost 3 years ago
  • R.j.Elsewhere

    This is so clever, yet beautiful. You're friends are lucky to have you

    about 3 years ago