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The Book of Agnesian Mythology: Story One (Part One)

September 8, 2018


 When Fujin Was a Horse (Part One)

During the time of Emporer Shingen, in the year 437, Fujin, the God of the Winds, and one of Agnesia’s principal deities, was practing archery at the edge of a forest. He was the best archer in all of the country, due to the fact he could guide his arrows with the power of the winds. Even without the winds, though, he was a natural archer, and, along with being the Wind God, was also the God of Archery.

He was in his human form, due to the fact he found his actual appearance absolutely disgusting, and also his bow was easier to hold. He had set up several targets on the forest’s trees, and so far had hit all of them perfectly. He shot at the final target, and it made a whimpering noise. It took Fujin a few seconds to realize he had missed.

He ran up to what he actually hit, one of those fox people that served the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu. He wondered why it was so far away from the Sun Temple. The poor thing had an arrow stuck in its back, and it seemed to be dead.

A ball of light floated down from the sun itself, and manifested into the Sun Goddess Amaterasu herself.

”Oh, hello, Fujin,” She said, suprised the Wind God happened to be here,”Have you seen one of my”

She than screamed when she saw the dead fox person.

”Okay, Amaterasu,” Fujin said, terror in his voice at the much more powerful Goddess,”I can explain everything!”

”Did you kill her?!” Amaterasu yelled.

Fujin trembled. The trees trembled. If it were possible, the very air around them would have trembled.

”Yes,” Fujin practically whispered.

Amaterasu took a deep breath. She needed to be fair in punishing the Wind God. The poor man was practically going to cause a tornado just by shaking.

”Listen, Fujin,” Amaterasu said,”I have no doubt in my mind that you didn’t this on purpose. However, you still need to learn a lesson out of this.”

She paced around for a bit, then snapped her fingers.

”I got it!” She exclaimed, smiling,”You have to redeem yourself!”

”What do you want me to do?” Fujin asked.

”I have no clue!” Amaterasu yelled, still smiling. There was a silence that was deafening after that sentence. In the distance, a wolf howled.

Amaterasu coughed,”Look, just go do So,etching redeeming, than I’ll forgive you.”

”Okay, sound simple enough,” Fujin said, thinking this was going to be easy. He was the Wind God! What could he do that wouldn’t be redeeming.

”Oh, but not in your current form,” Amaterasu said, her words stabbing Fujin with worry,”Tis needs to be challenging!”

She paced again,”Let’s see, what to do turn you into...” 

Her voice trailed off, naming suggestions to its mistress. She raised her finger in the air.

”I got it!” She yelled with delight. 

And with that, Fujin was bathed in a light, and would come out to face his new form.

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