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Hello world! I’m a new member here so please show my poem some love! I heard about this competition from my ELA teacher and I was pretty interested. If you have any advice for me on editing my poem, don’t be shy to comment.

Hope Lost

September 10, 2018

As we grow more trees and create more animal sanctuaries,
I’d question whether or not if anyone truly cares.
I saw them building a new bank today,
But I guess everyone wants to become millionaires.

"Planting trees will not replenish the Earth" scientists say,
"The Earth is polluted" says another.
one wonders of these claims,
and determines whether or not to trust their brother.

Whenever children picture the earth,
beautiful shades of blues and greens are seen.
But that was in the past;
we now see the earth very unclean.

I had read a documentary on the fierce rhinos of Zimbabwe,
Apparently my shiny nails and soft hair have their weight in gold?
I have always wanted to ride on the back of a majestic elephant,
But I guess that dream is a little bit overbold.

Polar bears live in the wintry Antarctica,
which I am sure you already knew.
The whispering, snowy wind isn’t as loud and hard anymore,
but I guess most people would bid the frosty wind adieu.

In the eyes of the Amur Leopard,
A story was waiting to be told.
The day a mother lost her cub,
was a day that love turned stone cold.

We’ll have enough time right?
“I will live forever” the world declares.
But will this nightmare end when forever has ended?
Will we ever release those beloved arctic hares?

A world once so beautiful and plentiful,
is now wandering in the shadows.
Looking for a hiraeth in the dark,
a world that suffers the painful blows.

If this is a dark dream,
when will it end?
Will we ever regain the love of our world?
Our friend?


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