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What is your opinion of the U.S. education system? What do you think could be changed in our education?
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Opinion: Learning Ourselves

January 8, 2016


I remember a time when things were simple, straightforward, and easier to understand. Those were the days- when TV shows were morally inspiring, stockings were always filled with candy instead of shattered revelations, and violence was less prevalent in our news. This was a time of motivation, a period of imagination and more thoughtful independence rather than eclectic ease. We as humans are always curious to take on the unknown, and to devise schemes to solve WORLD problems- we as individuals are eccentric, and believe in our perceptions along with our intuition. But where has this innovative ideal gone? It hasn’t quite left our society, but it has through the means of educational standards.
Core standards can help to average the intellect of students, but what of their true motivations? Why have we resulted in direct, and utterly useless teachings in a society of self direction? Why must schools hold the hand of students who are worthy of independence, who are willing to challenge themselves and willing to find their way in life. Where does the creativeness of an individual stand amongst an environment full of educational restraints? We are taught to be innovative, to be worldly of our surroundings.
But how can we if we are held responsible to comprehend subjects some aren’t passionate about. Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts are all viable subjects, but why must we all endure the gut of each topic? Not every child is knowing of one particular topic- so why waste the resources on a standard rather than an autonomous way of learning? Students should be able to craft their own educational plan, best fit to their needs and to their passion. School funding should support the students rather than what adults think are “best” for them. I agree that every student should know the basics of every current core subject, but why delve into the belly of each beast when some are unwilling to go? Given the simple tools- we as the youthful generation can build to our wits end. However, education should try to eliminate the veil of ignorance that can shroud the eyes of each student. Explain issues thoroughly, give lessons that can pertain towards solving those problems. By doing this each student can understand the issue fully, and can try to find solutions based on their mindset. Students can use the toolset that they were naturally given to build something functional and life changing. Sometimes it is best to leave a student to explore a problem on their own (or with collaboration), and the wonders an individual could contribute can be immense. I believe in an education that suits the persona of a student.
This plan would be difficult to carry out considering all of the stereotypes that school has built up over time, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the end. The next generation can uphold this plan of self direction, this new educational freedom to change the world. It is never too late to change the world, as much as it is never too late to change a system. Unlike past generations our current youth are more exposed to new territory, and we are less judging of appearance. Most but not all of our current adults are ignorant of the true issues of the world, of the feelings that others have when an action is carried out. My generation can think just as well as most adults, but unfortunately we aren’t seen as mature or responsible as adults. We crave change, and we lust respect and to be taken as serious as an adult. Through a more independent paced education students are more inclined to take on a passion, which means that they could have a higher self esteem of themselves and their abilities. Exposure to this type of education can change the world, but also many who are unfortunate enough to not receive an education could get a chance to experience one. Every person has the potential to do something life changing, it just takes motivation and passion to be able to fully carry it out. This is not a war on education, but merely a suggestion to change the way students/children are taught and treated. This is however a declaration to incite revolution, an innovative way to burst the wall between common core and self direction. Life is always changing, and everything must be able to adapt to the new ideas that are introduced to the world. We’re willing to change the world, and we’re willing to finally take action to induct a change.
Everyone has the potential to change the world, all it takes are the right influences and digested perspective to bring out such power.
Ignorance is more influential than war, and self direction is stronger than uniformity.


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