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Message to Readers

How would you define passion? What do you feel most passionate about at this time?


January 8, 2016


The sugary sweet we love to eat,
The stars in the sky at night,
Persistence fuels it’s fiery heat,
Giving the blind a secondary sight.
Intro or Extrovert matters not at all,
We all have this to our name,
It may cycle through like spring or fall,
But it’s presence is always felt the same.
It gives us the strength to go forward,
And the perseverance to go on,
It’s the alcohol that keeps us sober,
To stay up from dusk to dawn.
Darkness cannot penetrate this light,
It is the string that keeps us twirled,
It motivates us to stay in the fight,
To eventually change our world.
Inspiration for this piece came from my high school principal, as he believed that some sort of passion is within us all.


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