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15 years on this world and I still can't cook more than pop tarts.

The Boy in Blue Sat on the Moon

January 1, 2015



A boy in blue sat on the moon,

his eyes reflected the stars,

The world he knew was pale and cold,

"it's lonely up here, eh Mars ?"

down he went, leaving stars behind,

greeting the unknown with glee,

on Earth he met a little girl,

she invited him in for tea,

he stayed awhile and had much fun,

They laughed and sang for hours,

the girl had taught him how to run,

He witnessed a warm spring shower,

but soon he missed his dear, dear moon,

he had to say goodbye,

he packed a bag and kissed her cheek,

Returning to the sky,

but every night the boy looks down,

and spots a little home,

he knows who lives there and smiles,

no more is he alone.

I've never done poetry before ... Story inspired by lack of sleep, and my lack of shutters. Hello moon.


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