you can't stop the signal

i guess things have come full circle

'cause all my thoughts run astray
and I'm a walking cliché

bona-fide unabashed

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September 7, 2018


When life gives you lemons, make lemon grenades. Then throw them at life for not giving you cherries.

"You okay, Rox?" Jules asks me. "You look lost in thought."

"I'm fine," I say. "We've done this a million times."

Jules grins. "Halloween wouldn't be the same without it."

Every Halloween since we were fourteen, and starting to enter the emo-edgy phase, we dress in costumes, tell either my or Jules' mom we were Trick-Or-Treating, and sneak out to a 7-11, where we change into all black camo clothes. Then we graffiti a haunting mural on one of the city's underpasses. It gets scrubbed off every November 2nd, but it's major talk here. Everyone wants to know who Insomniac is (that's our graffiti name.)

This year, our mural is of a girl being possessed. Her eyes glow red and her hands reach out.

"We're fighting our own demons this year," Jules had said, "and so is she."

Typical Jules thing to say.


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  • Corner Writing Club

    Wow! This is a response that I didn't expect. You created a whole story, building off of the cliche phrase with an interesting, lively story. Though the piece is short, we get realistic and relatable characters, and a simple but excellently created storyline. We get the sense that this is a fragment of a much larger story, and that definitely works here. It grabs your attention immediately, carries it throughout the piece, and then ties it all up with those absolutely fantastic last lines. Great work, and keep writing!

    over 1 year ago
  • Riley Noel

    I love it! You have to write a continuation of this!

    over 1 year ago