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Boston Amidst Nature

November 6, 2013

With every step I take, the crisp sound of fallen leaves crunching beneath my feet serves as a reminder that autumn is all around me. My favorite season has finally arrived. I climb higher and higher as my sneakers grip the slippery surface of the leaf-covered rocks. There is no smell comparable to that of the fresh outdoors and I feel as if my chest is completely clear as I breathe in the clean autumn air. One more stride will bring me to the base of the observatory tower at the peak of Blue Hills. Step after step, I climb the cold stone stairs to the top of the tower. I am not aware of the beautiful sight that I am about to witness.

I stand with a loss of words. It is like nothing I have ever witnessed before. I take a moment to soak in the thousands of red, orange and yellow trees that decorate the land below. In midst of the sea of trees lies a cluster of skyscrapers off in the distance. I had never before seen such a contrast between the manmade world and the natural world but each seems to compliment the other. I feel as if I am completely alone with nature while, at the same time, I can see the skyscrapers of Boston off in the distance. The juxtaposition of the two sceneries is breathtaking. The whole world seems to be peaceful. From a distance, even the hustling and bustling Boston appears abandoned and silent. Everything seems so little.

Growing up and living in Milton has given me the opportunity to experience life changing moments such as this one. This moment opened my eyes to a new and more relaxed outlook on how to deal with the difficulties that are associated with senior year. With Blue Hills a couple of minutes away, I know that I have an easily accessible escape from the stresses of everyday teenage life. Whether it is schoolwork that never seems to end, a fight with my older sister, or the anxiety that is related with applying to college, everything seems to disappear while I look over the world below.

Looking out at this view with one of my best friends is a memory that I will never let go. This moment serves to remind me that life is not about getting the newest version of the iPhone or staying home every weekend to study in order to get a perfect report card. It is about going out to explore the world and enjoying moments with family and friends that will stay in my heart until I die.

I am so thankful for the opportunities that living in Milton has given me. With Boston only a fifteen minute subway ride away and Blue Hills a ten minute car ride away, I am presented with two contrasting lifestyles. Whether I want to experience the excitement of a historical city or the silence of raw nature, I know that both are easily accessible. This view of Boston in the midst of autumn will always be one of my favorite memories and no matter where I am; this moment will remain in the back of my mind.


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